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Home > Blog > Europe > Spain > Top 10 Foods to Try in Spain.

Boasting a cuisine that is as varied as the country itself, Spain will not disappoint when it comes to meal times. The variety of delicious dishes on offer is mind boggling but here are the top 10 foods to try in Spain during your holiday here…

Tapas, Spain


No trip to Spain is complete without treating yourself to some tapas. Find a local tapas bar for an authentic experience and go to town! Consisting of small dishes of appetisers and snacks, the choices are endless and come in hot and colds varieties, such as olives or fried prawns! Pick and choose whatever appeals to you and create the perfect platter.

Where to try it: Across Spain

Crème Catalana

Crème Catalana is very similar to the much loved crème brulee from France but it does have some subtle differences allowing you to set the two apart. Crème Catalana is served as a cold custard, flavoured with lemon and cinnamon; the perfect, refreshing antidote to a hot summer’s day in Barcelona.

Where to try it: Barcelona


You will find chorizo everywhere in Spain and plenty of it. This flavourful, cured sausage is taken very seriously and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and flavours! You can order it by itself and eat it as it comes without any further cooking, slapped in sandwiches or it can be added to all sorts of meals for an extra burst of flavour!

Where to try it: Across Spain

Jamon Iberico, Spain

Queso Manchego

Cheese lovers should attune their senses to Queso Manchego, a cheese made from sheep’s milk with an intense, delicious flavour. It is most widely produced in the La Mancha region of Spain, but you can usually get your hands on it anywhere in the country.

Where to try it: Across Spain

Jamon Iberico

Jamon Iberico is a type of cured ham that you can find all over Spain and also in Portugal. Sliced incredibly thinly, the meat practically melts on your tongue. Try some cured and olives as an appetizer before your meal and you won’t be disappointed.

Where to try it: Madrid


Allioli, or aioli, is comparable to garlic mayonnaise but is much, much better. Although it in fact originates in the Middle East, you will find allioli all over the country and it’s the perfect table sauce for anything savoury!

Where to try it: Catalonia


The thought of cold soup probably won’t set your world on fire, but a taste of gazpacho will surely change your mind. A tasty blend of tomatoes, cucumber, onion, garlic and a little olive oil, amongst a few other ingredients, it’s a popular staple on menus but is found most often in Andalucia. It is also incredibly easy to make yourself so why not whip up some gazpacho up at your next dinner party and introduce a taste of Spain!

Where to try it: Andalucia

Tortilla Espanola

Another staple to try is the Tortilla Espanola, or Tortilla de Patata as it is often called. This hearty omelette is made from potatoes, onions and eggs and you will find this on menus wherever you area in the country and makes for a tasty lunch or a great part of your evening meal.

Where to try it: Across Spain


One of Spain’s best known dishes, rice based paella makes for a tasty dinner with a variety of different ingredients to choose from. Tuck into a vegetable variety, fishy feast or meaty overload, or indeed a mix of meat and seafood.

Where to try it: Valencia


Whilst you are tucking in to all of these tasty Spanish treats, there is nothing better to wash it all down with than fruity Spanish Sangria; it never fails to please!

Where to try it: Across Spain

So there you have it; a pick of the top 10 foods to try in Spain. The choices don’t end there though, whichever dishes you decide upon are sure to be delicious! What’s your favourite Spanish dish?

Whilst you’re here, why not check out the latest Spanish rental car rates?

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  • Could I please suggest another dish to look out for as it’s one of my favourites in Spain … ‘Pulpo a la Gallega’ (also known as ‘Pulpo a Feira’ on some menus).

    It’s boiled octopus which is finely sliced then sprinkled with paprika and some olive oil. Some places also add a small boiled potato to the dish.

    If it’s cooked correctly it should be really tender. The best I’ve had was in Asturias and Galicia.

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