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Lake Como

Located in Northern Italy, the Y-shaped Lake Como is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s favourite holiday destinations. A magnet for all types of holidaymakers, Lake Como is the destination of choice for young and old alike. From those who want to enjoy hiking, water sports and cycling to those who want to sit in a deckchair and drink cocktails, Lake Como has plenty for everyone to enjoy.

Here are 7 reasons why you should add Lake Como to your ‘Book It List’ this year…

1. Celebrity spotting

Lake Como is a well known haunt for the rich and famous. Celebrities who have or have had holiday homes by the lake include Madonna, George Clooney, Sylvester Stallone, Richard Branson and Gianni Versace. These people could have holiday homes anywhere in the world, but they chose Lake Como. So it must be good.

2. Value for money

Okay, so given point number 1, you might think that Lake Como is way out of your price range. Well you’d be wrong. You can fly from the UK to one of the nearby airports of Malpensa, Bergamo, Linate or Lugano fairly cheaply. From there it’s easy to get to Lake Como by public transport and even easier with a hire car. Alternatively you could book a holiday to Lake Como which includes flights or coach travel from the UK as well as accommodation.

3. Stunning scenery

The scenery of Lake Como will take your breath away. And there’s more than just the sparkling lake to admire. There the beautiful snow-capped Alpine mountains in the background and some truly stunning architecture with ancient buildings perched right on the lakeside. Take a boat ride across the lake for some great views.

4. A floating swimming pool

There aren’t many floating swimming pools in the world. But Lake Como will soon have one. Stay in the Hotel Britannia Excelsior from April 2013 and you can experience the unique sensation of floating in a swimming pool that is itself floating on the lake! Forget infinity pools. Forget those beach pools that fill up with sea water. This will be something else.

5. Cuisine

The Italians really know how to cook good food. With hundreds of different varieties of pasta to choose from and hand-made, wood-fired pizzas with every topping you can think of, you won’t get bored of the food at Lake Como. Then there’s the olives, bruschetta, lasagne, cannelloni, risotto, ice-cream, gelato… Delizioso!

6. The weather

Lake Como is a year-round holiday destination. Sunny summers are perfect for relaxing on a sun-lounger, eating gelato and sipping on cocktails. But the winter is a popular time to go too. The winters in this party of Italy are pretty mild, so provided that you have a jacket, you can still enjoy boat trips and scenic walks and all the shops and attractions will remain open.

7. Day trips

Stay by Lake Como and you’ll find so many other places within easy reach. You should definitely take a trip to Milan to see the fantastic buildings such as the Duomo and look in the windows of the designer shops. Alternatively, you could head north and cross the border into Switzerland and spend a day in Lugano, or head to San Moritz for a ride on the famous Bernina Express Train.

So, there you have it, 7 reasons to visit Lake Como in the coming year!

This is a guest post by Jenni Pope who writes for Shearings Holidays.

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