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Think of Switzerland and you’ll probably picture the glass like surface of beautiful Lake Geneva and the snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps, peppered with ski chalets and lodges! It’s one of the world’s very best skiing destinations for good reason but if you’re not a fan of the white stuff, you don’t need to write it off as a holiday destination for Switzerland is also associated with something else; the sweet, gooey goodness of Swiss chocolate!

Whether it’s for a special occasion or your annual break, chocolate holidays in Switzerland will give your sweet tooth a treat to remember. After all, Swiss chocolate is some of the world’s finest and with Valentine’s Day coming up; why not combine a trip to the picturesque plains of Switzerland with tours of their factories, shops and festivals? Take a look at where you can go and which delights you can expect when you get there!


Famous for their gold foil wrapped bunnies, Lindt chocolate is perhaps Switzerland’s favourite, so a visit to the Lindt Factory in Zurich is a must! Always check the opening hours before visiting but when you do visit, get ready to meet some master chocolatiers with oodles of tasty free samples up for grabs and the opportunity to fill your pocks at the shop afterwards. You’ll also get to learn plenty about the history of chocolate and Switzerland itself.


The makers of everything from chocolate to breakfast cereals, Nestle are considered the largest food company in the world. The Callier Chocolate Factory in Broc, east of Geneva, dates to 1897 and will have your mouth watering with the scent of chocolate in the air before you even enter. The huge tasting room is of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ proportions so you can sample all kinds of treats until you’re fit to burst.


Slap bang on the border of Austria in the extreme east of Switzerland, Buchs should definitely feature on your itinerary! Start with a tour of the Frey Factory, a company which is considered to be one of the largest suppliers of chocolate in the country but remember that you must pre-book! Once here, explore the immaculate factory and relish the many free samples. Afterwards, the Chocolat Frey Le Monde Du Cacao Exhibition awaits you where you can truly immerse yourself in the history of chocolate.


Gorgeous Geneva is home to the Stettler Boutique Chocolate ‘Laboratory’ where you can pre-book an hour or two behind the scenes with the treat technicians where you can see the production process with the chance to sample both raw ingredients and the finished products.

If that still doesn’t satisfy your cravings, visit After the Rain Urban Day Spa in Geneva and slather yourself with chocolate wraps and baths, wander the Alimentarium Food Museum ran by Nestle or enrol at the chocolate school in Prangins for a tasting or making course, or perhaps even both! This yummy treat is a firm staple in Switzerland and with plenty of opportunities to indulge it’s an ideal place to treat yourself!

Are you a chocolate obsessive or a take it or leave it kind of person? What’s your favourite kind?

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