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Home > Blog > Travel Tips > Around The World > 9 Movies That Inspire Us to Travel

Movies are often described as escapism: encapsulating tales that transport us off to another world, away from our daily chores. A gripping storyline and loveable characters only add to our enjoyment. When you throw in sets from around the world too, movies can definitely inspire a sense of physical escapism – to hop on a plane and explore first hand! With that in mind, here’s my collection of movies that inspire us to travel… what other films can you think of?

The Beach

In The Beach we see protagonist Richard, an American backpacker, touch down in Bangkok ready to start his Asian adventure. He isn’t around for long however before he meets Daffy, who tells him about a secret paradise island and leaves him a map to the island before committing suicide. So, Richard, along with a French couple he befriends, sets out to find this blissful beach… I don’t know about you, but the Phi Phi Islands are certainly added to my wish list!

The Beach, movies that inspire us to travel
Maya Bay in the Phi Phi Islands, featured in ‘The Beach’.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Before this fantastic trilogy hit our screens, I don’t think many people actually knew where New Zealand was or anything about it. As soon as the films came out, showcasing the staggering mountainous panoramas and unbelievable landscapes, tourism in New Zealand went through the roof. With the first of the Hobbit films recently released too, it is likely to inspire even more wanderlust!

The Hangover

Las Vegas isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially when paired with a huge tiger in your hotel room, but for many, Sin City is simply the epitome of a city break and a truly legendary one at that. The film sees the cast living it up in a plush suite in Caesars Palace Hotel with a lot of trouble thrown in for good measure! It’s definitely an advert for a city that never sleeps though…

The Hangover, movies that inspire us to travel
Smash hit film ‘The Hangover’ was of course set in Las Vegas, aka Sin City!


Avatar may be a fantasy science fiction movie but that didn’t stop me (and probably countless others!) from wistfully dreaming of a trip to magical planet Pandora! Bizarrely beautiful flora and fauna and impressive landscapes set the scene by day but by night, the planet is even better with most life turning bioluminescent! If Pandora was real, I’m sure it would be on many people’s bucket lists.

A Perfect Getaway

Starring Milla Jovovich and Steve Zahn, A Perfect Getaway is a thriller movie set in Hawaii. It was never a huge box office smash but given the set, with filming in Hawaii and Puerto Rico, it definitely inspires a bit of jet setting to sunnier, beautiful shores. Lush jungles, tropical waterfalls and towering cliffs would ensure a picture perfect trip!

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

This is probably a fairly obvious inclusion but, come on, Middle East adventures with Indy? Who wouldn’t be inspired to step out of their comfort zone! Many of the scenes are set in Egypt but actually filmed in Tunisia, encouraging you to venture to this mysterious part of the world…

Eat, Pray, Love

Starring Julia Roberts, Eat, Pray, Love sees her character set off on life changing travels around the world. She takes in the likes of Italy where she spends several months enjoying delicious Italian cuisine, embraces the culture in India and spends a number of months praying and finally ventures to Bali, where she finds love. It might be a chick flick but it definitely motivates you and teaches you about some of the world’s most wonderful places.

Eat, Pray, Love, movies that inspire us to travel
Peaceful view of a lake in Bali, Indonesia where parts of Eat, Pray, Love was set.

The Bucket List

We all have a list of dreams and ambitions that hope to achieve before we ‘kick the bucket’. When the two main characters in the film, played by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, learn that they both have terminal lung cancer they embark on a mission to tick everything off their bucket list. Inspiring in more ways than one, it definitely gives you a taste for the more adventurous side of

The Bucket List, movies that inspire us to travel
The Great Wall of China which Carter and Edward ride motorcycles along in the movie ‘The Bucket List’.


If there was ever a movie that will make you fall in love, Amelie is it and the object of your affection is Paris. With its bistros and cafes, historical streets and gorgeous buildings, not to mention the many iconic sights, Paris is well within reach for all you wanderlusters! This classic movie does a great job at selling it as a destination we should all visit at least once.

So, there you have it; my pick of 9 movies that inspire us to travel.

What other films have inspired you? Or at the very least, got you dreaming of far-away lands?

By Kerri Ware from Economy Car Hire

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  • Laura @Travelocafe 14 Jun 2013

    I love all these movies, specially Eat Prey Love. I’ve got from Europe to Bali because of this movie.

  • Kerri Ware 17 Jun 2013

    Nice – a truly inspirational film for you then 🙂 How did you like Bali?

  • I’ve only made it to Maya bay in the Phi Phi Islands but the rest of the list look great!

  • Eduardo Nevares 20 Jul 2013

    Great movies, indeed. I would add just two more: Ryan’s Daughter and The Quiet Man. They inspired me since I watched them a couple of decades ago. Finally, I’m spending 3 weeks in Ireland at late august: to see magic landscapes, feel that special Irish mood, enjoy the rich celtic heritage, great monuments, trad local music while washing the throat down with a pint of … You Know. I’m coming, Emerald Island!

  • Kerri Ware 22 Jul 2013

    Thanks for the suggestions Eduardo! Have a great time in Ireland!

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