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Deciding where to go on holiday is a tough decision. After all, most of us only get to on one per year so you want to make sure you make the right choice. Have a go at our fun holiday quiz to determine which type of holiday you should take and where… Let’s get started!

The Questions – Which type of holiday you should take and where…?

It’s time to start packing; what bag do you use?

A: A full size suitcase of course, you never know what you might need.
B: Hand luggage only; you don’t need much and it’s much cheaper to travel this way.
C: A good sized rucksack which is easy to carry around.
D: Whichever luggage apparatus comes to hand first.

What items go in first?

A: Swimsuit, sun cream, sunglasses and painkillers to help with the hangovers.
B: Camera, guide books and comfortable shoes.
C: Sturdy shoes, water bottle and a first aid kit.
D: All of the above; as the scouts say, ‘prepare for adversity’!

Which activity sounds like the most fun?

A: Sunbathing, swimming, cocktails and relaxation sounds about right!
B: Museums, historical buildings and plenty of culture ring my bell.
C: White water rafting followed by a full day hike.
D: A kayaking excursion, shopping at the local markets and a sunset dinner cruise.

Which season do you usually go on holiday in?

A: High season, in the middle of July when the temperatures are at their highest and there’s a good, busy vibe.
B: Mid-season, you can still enjoy nice weather but it’s a bit less crowded.
C: Low-season, you prefer to have a destination all to yourself and not sweat for two weeks solid.
D: It doesn’t matter, just depends on when you can find the cheapest deal.

When you are on holiday you wake up:

A: Usually mid-morning, the previous night was a heavy one!
B: Bright and early; first in to the breakfast room and straight out to start sight-seeing. There’s no time to waste!
C: About the same time as you wake up when you’re at home; you have an internal body clock!
D: Some early mornings and some lay-ins; you are on holiday after all!

Your holiday nightmare would be:

A: Backpacking through Asia and sleeping in hostel dorm rooms with nice people but plenty of creepy crawlies.
B: A road trip through the beautifully desolate Australian outback.
C: An all-inclusive beach resort in the height of the summer season.
D: No trip would be a nightmare for you; there are positives to enjoy in every destination.

The Results

You’ve finished the quiz! Now, take a look at your result:

Mostly As – You are a self-confessed sun worshipper

If you answered mostly A’s, I would surmise that you’re a beach lover through and through! The word holiday to you means golden sands, turquoise sea and plenty of sunbathing. Quite simply, if the sun isn’t shining on holiday, you won’t have a good time. So, which destination should you visit this year?

The gorgeous Costa del Sol is a great short haul choice with gorgeous beaches and endless resorts on offer to suit all budgets and preferences. Florida and Mexico are both beautiful long haul destinations with white sand and crystal clear water to satisfy even the most demanding of beach purists! For an altogether different beach experience, why not visit the southern coast of South Africa or the Adriatic Coast in Eastern Europe; destinations like Montenegro are still hidden gems so why not soak up the sun on your own private beach?

Mostly Bs – You are a city break obsessive

You’re a culture vulture who loves nothing more than to explore a new city, from the cafes to the churches and everything in between. City breaks are your nectar and you probably go on a couple of them each year. After all, travelling with hand luggage only means you can nab some super cheap flights so we don’t blame you.

If you’ve already uncovered the likes of Paris and Amsterdam why not venture into unchartered territory and discover the hidden treasures in Sarajevo or Budapest? Alternatively, venture further afield and jump right into Johannesburg or give Malaga and Murcia a miss and unleash the power of northern Spain with a trip to magical Madrid!

Which type of holiday you should take and where?
A view of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia.

Mostly Cs – You thrive off fresh air

You’re best friends with Mother Nature and nothing makes you happier than wandering around in the great outdoors. There are so many beautiful places in this world that you could pick just about any country and find beautiful panoramas.

I think Costa Rica and Canada are a good shout if you are after a long haul trip; after all who can deny the beauty and diversity of say Banff National Park or Cocos Island National Park. Closer to home, consider venturing into the depths of the Pyrenees or undertake the Camino Trail across Spain.

Mostly Ds – You like a bit of everything

You’re a happy go lucky holidaymaker who enjoys a bit of everything on their annual trip. Sure one or two days spent on the beach is relaxing but you soon start to get bored and fidgety and set about exploring, first the old town and then further afield with one or two excursions to local beauty spots.

Coastal cities are probably a good shout; they generally have a good atmosphere, bucket loads of history and of course a couple of beautiful beaches. Why not give Lisbon a go? On the western coast of Portugal it’s a beautiful city with plenty of character. Barcelona is also a good call with a diverse and cosmopolitan range of attractions on offer, plus its great location means exploring the Catalan pre coastal mountain range is really easy. Split on the coast of Croatia is also a good option; Diocletian’s Palace contains more history than you can shake a stick at and the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park is an unmissable day trip!

So there you have it; hopefully our holiday quiz helped you decide which type of holiday you should take and where!

Leave a comment and tell us which category you fall into!

By Kerri Ware from Economy Car Hire

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