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Home > Blog > Travel Tips > Around The World > 5 Awesome Destinations for a Driving Holiday

A driving holiday in the midst of summer is no fun; everyone knows that. Your car will turn into a sweat box no matter how high you set the air con. Come September, when sunny days will still set the tone of your trip but the temperatures have cooled slightly; this is the ideal time to pound the tarmac. Allowing you the freedom to explore further afield and truly discover the country you’ve travelled to, a driving holiday is something you should experience at least once. Why not try out one of these 5 awesome destinations for a driving holiday in the coming months?

A driving holiday in Spain

From the shores of the Costa del Sol to the peaks of the Sierra Nevada, the diversity of Spain is difficult to describe. Doused in history and rich with tradition, the cities are a haven for culture vultures whilst the tiny villages show that traditionalism is still alive and kicking. Golden beaches and attractions galore, it’s almost impossible to decipher which area of Spain you should visit. So, what’s the solution, a driving holiday in Spain of course! It is undoubtedly the best way to get around and make the most of your time here. Why restrict yourself to an all-inclusive resort when you could stay in a completely different destination each night, like Granada, Madrid, San Sebastian and Barcelona and enjoy a scrumptious feast for all of your senses.

A driving holiday in Portugal

The recent introduction of the A22 toll road should not put you off enjoying a driving holiday in Portugal. Whilst no trip here would be complete without exploring the best that the Algarve has to offer, it is only a small portion of the country, and the nominal fee to travel on the motorway is more than worth it. On a self-drive holiday in Portugal, you can take in the likes of Albufeira, a bustling seaside town and reach the rugged western coast where Sagres beckons. From there you can venture north to the captivating cities of Porto and Lisbon to unearth their historic and cultural treasures before making your way back to Faro Airport through the traditional villages which litter the gorgeous interior countryside.

A driving holiday in the USA

With the famous Route 66 spanning the centre of this mammoth country, the USA has long been a dream driving destination for many. It may not be as exotic as other countries but it is home to a vast variety of landscapes, inspiring attractions and many of the world’s most iconic cities. All of this makes it a no-brainer when it comes to fly-drive holidays. Because of its huge size, there’s obviously no way you can cover this vast country in one trip so choose your area wisely. One of the most popular options is to fly to Las Vegas McCarran Airport, live the high life for a few days at the casinos and then venture out into the depths of Nevada taking in the Grand Canyon and neighbouring National Parks. If that doesn’t appeal, why not traverse the stunning Californian coastline or get lost in the beauty of New England. The options are endless!

A driving holiday in Germany

Many people say that Germany is somewhat underrated as a holiday destination, overshadowed by the countries which border it. Don’t listen to any of it though; it’s a fantastic destination to visit, with something to offer everyone regardless of your interests. From the northern shores of the Baltic Sea Coast flanked by golden sands to the old charm of its interior towns and villages, not to mention bustling and culturally diverse cities Germany is full of surprises. When you’re touring from town to town, there’s no better snack for on the road than good old Currywurst – be sure to try it! Inject some extra beauty into your trip and tackle the country’s most scenic drive while you’re here; the German wine road in Rhineland Palatinate! The Black Forest in southern Germany is also a joy to explore by road.

A driving holiday in France

Arguably the very best destination for a driving holiday is France. Just a short flight from England, it acts as your springboard into the rest of Europe. What are the best parts about a driving holiday in France though? You can stop in different areas overnight, sample delicious vino at the numerous vineyards and tour romantic chateaux scattered across the gorgeous French countryside, plus with fascinating cities to immerse yourself in, you won’t want to stop exploring. If you’re feeling more adventurous, perhaps venture further afield and delve into the mountain passes of Switzerland and Italy for a truly unforgettable trip.

So there you have it, 5 awesome destinations for a driving holiday. Have you ever tried a driving holiday and where did you go? Or, has this post inspired you to plan one? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

By Kerri Ware from Economy Car Hire

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  • Driving in Croatia? From Zagreb via Pltvice Lakes to Zadar, then along the coastal line to Sibenik and Split.

  • Kerri Ware 27 Aug 2013

    Perfect example Tara, thanks 🙂

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