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You can’t have an action movie without a car chase scene- can you name one James Bond film without one? It’s difficult! Our team were asked to name their favourite vehicle from either movies or T.V. Interestingly, you’ll find those chosen come from classic productions, rather than modern ones. We take a light-hearted look on some of our favourite iconic cars from the big and small screen.

Iconic cars from the big and small screenPhoto by: Maksym Yemelyanov/Adobe Stock

Tom, Operations Manager, chose the lovebug as his favourite. Herbie, a 1963 VW Beetle, has become an icon. His number 53 is distinctive and those racing stripes instantly recognisable. He wheeled his way onto screens in 1968 in The Love Bug.

Ian, Lead Web Developer, named Templeton Peck’s white 1984 Chevrolet Corvette, from the original A-Team as his favourite. Another distinctive machine that has been replicated by many. The custom paintjob is white exterior with red interior, with a red stripe to match the stripe on B.A.’s black van. The Corvette made its first appearance in the second season of the show.

Featured repeatedly throughout the cult classic franchise Back to the Future, is the DeLorean, chosen by Car Rental Expert, Amy, and our Managing Director, Rory. It’s not a vehicle you’ll find sitting in the compound of the car rental supplier! The DMC-12 was the only model made by the DeLorean Motor Company with its gull-wing doors.

The 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback from Bullitt was selected by Digital Marketing Manager, Shaun. The Ford Mustang became well-known for the San Francisco car chase scene in the film. Two Mustangs had been loaned by Ford to Warner Brothers for the chase, being heavily modified. Three weeks of filming resulted in the 9-minute chase you see today. The car is only seen three more times in the film.

A particular green 1976 British Leyland Mini with a black bonnet was nominated by our IT Systems Administrator, Chris. Even if we’d just said “green mini”, you’d probably immediately know which car we refer to. Owned by an iconic British character, Mr Bean’s Mini was involved in several of his antics, as shown below.

Despite the colour (I would definitely change that if it was my car), I’d pick FAB 1, Lady Penelope’s modified 6-wheeled Rolls Royce (preferably the 2004 version). Imagine how useful it would be. Driving underwater and flying would make travelling so easy. I’ll leave Parker to take care of parking it though.

Your favourite iconic car

If you could pick any car from the big or small screen to hire for the day, which would you pick? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Jessica Juby.

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