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As the festive season approaches, so does the time we start being more acutely aware than normal of our expenditure. We’re all looking to save a few pounds here and there by looking for great deals. Many of us will scour the internet in search of promotional codes to help us obtain a discount on our purchases. The same can be true for car hire.

Zest Car Rental discount codePhoto by: hin255/Adobe Stock

All too often at Zest, a customer will contact us asking why their Zest Car Rental promotional code hasn’t been applied. We’re unfortunately then left to explain to the customer that the code they’ve used is fake.

It’s a sad fact that there are websites that will make up promotional codes to entice you into a membership or subscription with them. This isn’t true for them all however, and Zest works with a select few websites where we do offer genuine discount codes.

When you’ve found a discount code, be sure to have a look over the website’s terms and conditions. We know they’re boring to read, but those offering fake codes will often distance themselves from any responsibility for the legitimacy of the codes they provide. They will explain that it is the consumers responsibility to check with the supplier of the product that the code is genuine. Some may state that they have relationships with the suppliers who have supplied the code, but this isn’t always the case.

We’ve been made aware by customers of some websites that have fake Zest promotional codes displayed and we’ve attempted to contact these sites to remove them. In all cases, we’ve found that either there are no contact details for those that run these websites, or their contact details are also false.

Should you find a discount code online, always look for obvious signs that the code has applied a discount to your purchase, before you pay. If you’re unsure, contact the retailer, and not the website where you’ve obtained the code, to check its validity.

Zest’s discount codes are always supplied with a specific link which enables the code to work. If you come across a code that you’re unsure of, get in touch and we’ll check whether it’s a valid code.

Written by Jessica Juby.

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