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For a limited time only, Zest are proud to offer the AquaGlide for holiday rentals. Explore the Mediterranean from a completely different perspective than before. The fully submersible vehicle, complete with a fully transparent glass bottom, allows underwater exploration.

Don’t like getting wet but want to discover shipwrecks up close?

Want to see the inhabitants of the deep that have since been unobtainable to you?

Bored with overcrowded hot tourist destinations?

This vehicle is perfect for you.

Zest Car Rental exclusive, new for April 2018; the Flotus AquaGlide

The product follows on from the successful launch of the Flotus G-Lider last year.

Get a quote for your April trip in the AquaGlide today; valid for today only!

Written by Jessica Juby.

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  • Janine Domaille 1 Apr 2018

    Ha, Ha, love it. Well done Zest. Nice to see a touch of humour. Shame you can’t really hire out a car like this, I’m sure it would be really popular.

  • Rob Naylor 1 Apr 2018

    Great April fools idea – but I would love to hire one.

  • Peter Gilfeather 1 Apr 2018

    I already have a Citroen “snorkel” so won’t be hiring just yet!!

  • Jonathan 1 Apr 2018

    Good afternoon Jessica.
    Am I able to pick this sub- aqua vehicle up from Henley – on -Thames as I believe I could travel from Henley to Gibraltar underwater cutting out the rather boring flight.
    Do you think I would need to take a packed lunch and bathroom requirements concern me.
    Thank you all for your good service over the past years.
    Regards Jonathan Bowerman.

  • Brian Gregory 1 Apr 2018

    I think this is a great idea if it wasn’t a April Fools joke. Regards Brian Gregory.

  • Brian Gregory 1 Apr 2018

    Nice car is it a April joke.

  • Jonathan Morris 2 Apr 2018

    Well done !!!
    I don’t know : first driverless cars and now you top it with an underseamobile !
    I just wish I had been able to dredge up enough shells to rent one………

  • James bond 2 Apr 2018

    Need one for my next movie

  • Dave Redman 2 Apr 2018

    Don’t need yours I’ve got one. Mine will also take you into space.

  • The joker 2 Apr 2018

    Do you do an estate model
    :>} :>} :>} :>} :>} :>}

  • If I hire one of these in the summer, will it make me James Bond, because he had the Lotus prototype in ‘the spy who loved me’!

    No more wine, just Martini shaken and not stirred!

    It is great that your fantastic company/team, have a good sense of humour too!


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