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Taking Your Own?

Many of you prefer to take your own car seats for peace of mind when travelling abroad. Be confident upon arrival that you have the correct fitting seat and the knowledge on how to fit it securely. Remember, car rental providers are advised not to assist in the fitting of car seats. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Aer Lingus

A fully collapsible push-chair/stroller is allowed free of charge for an infant or child booking, plus one of the following items: car seat, booster seat, or travel cot. If the push-chair/stroller is checked in at a desk, it will only be available on the baggage belt when you land. If the push-chair/stroller is handed in at the boarding gate, it can be collected at the applicable collection point at your destination.


Car seats will be charged as extra and the excess baggage charge is €20 per bag. Strollers can be sent free of charge to all destinations when traveling with a child up to 11 years of age.

British Airways

Regardless of whether they have a seat or not, infants under 2 years can check in one fully collapsible pushchair (stroller) and one car seat free of charge.


Every infant or young child can take up to two of the following items free of charge: Pushchair, buggy, travel cot, back carrier, car seat or booster seat. Items needed between check in and boarding can usually be taken to the boarding gate or aircraft door as appropriate. Do check local airport regulations as these can differ. You can take car seats onto the aircraft if you've arranged this. If you wish to take more than 2 of these items per infant or young child, they can be purchased as hold baggage.

First Choice

For the safety and comfort of your infant, you can bring an approved child's car seat on board for children aged between six months and three years. Your child will need his or her own airfare for this, and this will be charged at the appropriate child price. Purchasing a child's airfare for your infant also means that he or she will be entitled to their own baggage allowance, in which the car seat will be included.


Passengers carrying a car seat or a booster seat must check these items in as an item of baggage. There is no charge for the carriage of either pushchairs, prams or car seats.


Infants are allowed one piece of baggage up to 23kg plus a push chair. Children who are not yet 2 years of age and who do not occupy a seat will pay 10% of the fare. Excess baggage fees can be anything between 3.50 Euros per kg and 105 Euros per 23 kg, depending on where you are flying to.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

For each child you may bring 1 car/child seat free of charge on KLM flights. If you booked a seat for your child, it's recommended that you bring your own car/child seat on board.


You can carry 2 items of baby equipment free of charge per child. This includes 1 pushchair plus one of the following items: Car seat, booster seat or travel cot.

TAP Portugal

Up to 10kg of hold luggage is allowed for children less than 2 years of age. Excess baggage is charged at 5 Euros per kg. Use of a baby seat of the car baby seat type is required on flights operated by TAP (only applicable in cases in which you wish to reserve a seat for your baby). A car-type infant seat is accepted and placed on a regular cabin seat (front or rear facing), subject to the conditions outlined on their website.


Infants do not get a baggage allowance, but TUI will carry a folding pushchair free of charge. A car seat will incur an extra charge. Excess baggage fees are £17.50 per 5kg, which can be purchased in advance to cover the excess baggage costs of the child seat. If you pay the additional charge at the desk at the airport, this is generally around £10 per kg and they will charge you each way.

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