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Driving in Bosnia.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, commonly referred to as Bosnia, may have had a troubled past, but today it’s a fantastic country to explore. Well known for skiing in the winter, the increasingly popular resorts of Bjelasnica, Jahorina and Igman are all within a reasonable driving distance of the city of Sarajevo.

Whilst Bosnia is almost landlocked, being home to just one coastal town, the bordering countries of Croatia and Montenegro do have some coastline to enjoy so why not hop over the border and discover these locations on your trip too. Bosnia is also filled with stunning national parks so make the most of your visit and see as much as you can.

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Tips for driving in Bosnia

Which side of the road do they drive on?

Drive on the right, overtake on the left. Unless otherwise indicated, vehicles coming from the right have priority at junctions.

Seat belts

If fitted, seat belts must be worn at all times by all occupants of the vehicle.

Driving with children

Children under 12 cannot travel as front seat passengers, with the exception of a child under two who can travel on the front seat in a rearward facing child seat with the airbag deactivated. Children under twelve must be placed in a suitable child seat.

Blood alcohol limit

Bosnia is extremely strict on drink driving. The maximum permitted level of alcohol in the bloodstream is 0.03%. Any higher and you’ll face severe penalties such as a fine and/or suspension of driving licence.

It is also worth noting a person visibly under the influence of alcohol is not permitted to travel as a passenger in the front seat.

Reflective vests, triangles and other essentials

A reflective vest must be kept in the vehicle at all times. It is compulsory to carry a warning triangle, first aid kit, and winter weather equipment. Other essential items include spare bulbs and a tow bar or rope.

Do I need winter tyres?

Winter tyres must be fitted between November 15th and April 15th.

It is also advisable to carry snow chains as when a sign is displayed or snow reaches more than 5cm deep, their use is obligatory. All snow and ice must be removed from a vehicle or a fine will be levied.

On the spot fines

Try and keep some cash on you in case of an on the spot fine. Fines should be paid as soon as possible and an official receipt obtained. For more serious violations, the case may go to court.

Horns and headlights

Dipped headlights must be used during daylight hours all year round.

What should I do if I breakdown?

If you breakdown in Bosnia, you must put on a reflective jacket and place the reflective triangle behind the vehicle to warn other drivers. Call the supplier who will be able to advise you.

What should I do if I have an accident?

If you’re in an accident, you MUST notify the Police and get an accident report for insurance purposes. Failure to do so may result in you footing the whole bill. You must also contact the supplier and ourselves at the same time to ensure you follow the correct procedure.

Driving distances in Bosnia

Sarajevo to Dubrovnik – 225km (3hrs 54mins)

Sarajevo to Mostar – 127km (2hrs 8mins)

Sarajevo to Banja Luka – 187km (3hrs 10mins)

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