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Channel Islands Travel Guide.

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Combine English countryside and French charm.

The Channel Islands consist of several individual islands, the largest of which are of course Guernsey and Jersey. In near equidistance between the UK and France, the islands offer a holiday destination which is second to none. The excellent location presents a fantastic blend of charming English heritage and a generous measure of European influences leading to a comfortable holiday destination with a twist!

The islands provide a sensory overload with stunning scenery, terrific cuisine with plenty of fresh produce, a diverse selection of historical buildings and loads of active attractions too! The holiday you’ve been searching for could be closer than you think so read below for how to make the most of your trip to the Channel Islands…

Channel Islands Tourist Board: The official website for the Channel Islands tourist board – a useful resource for planning your trip to the Channel Islands.

Things to see and do

  • Visit the lively harbour capital of Jersey, St Helier, and get lost in history exploring the magnificent Elizabeth Castle! You can walk out to the castle when the tide is out or catch the castle ferry.
  • The islands are blessed with an abundance of cultural history and there are multiple attractions to visit such as the German Occupation Museum or the German Military Underground Hospital in Guernsey.
  • For your dose of stunning coastline, explore the expanse of beaches such as Saint's Bay, Moulin Huet, Petit Port and Marble Bay around St Martin’s in Guernsey.
  • Visit the award winning maritime museum at Jersey Harbour and discover the stories of the sea! There is also the Occupation Tapestry to visit here; made by the local community, it portrays their time on Jersey during the second world war whilst under German occupation.
  • Journey to the parish of St Martin in Guernsey and visit the popular Sausmarez Manor, one of the most interesting attractions on the island. Not only can you visit the manor, there is also two small lakes and woodland, subtropical gardens and a nine hole pitch and putt golf course!
  • Take a trip to St Peter in Jersey and head to aMaizin! An Adventure Park for a fun family day out! Featuring a brilliant maize maze, there are plenty of other activities here too such as a craft shop, crazy golf and tractor rides!
  • For a dose of local culture, visit one of the many regular farmers markets held at various locations across both islands, such as Castle Parish Farmers Market held every second Saturday in Guernsey!
  • Head to the pretty village of Gorey in Jersey. Discover history with a visit to the majestic Gorey Castle and follow it with a bite to eat in one of the eateries on the pier below.
  • Visit St Peter’s Port, the bustling capital of Guernsey and enjoy some delicious sea food!
  • Jersey and Guernsey are perfect for walking and hiking with stunning scenery at your disposal and there are plenty of trails to suit all abilities.

Festivals and events

  • Wild Flower Fortnight is held in Guernsey and provides the opportunity to embark on nature walks throughout the beautiful countryside. (April)
  • Liberation Day in St Helier, Jersey with a variety of activities on offer including heritage trails, an honorary service and access to World War Two bunkers. (May)
  • Guernsey Summer Jazz Festival features a multitude of musicians performing free concerts. (May – September)
  • In Spring Walking Week there are a range of walking trails suitable for all ages and abilities and allows you to discover some remote parts of the island by foot. (May)
  • During the Guernsey Festival of Comedy in St Peter’s Port is great for catching local and international comedians. (June)
  • The Battle of Flowers Grand Day and Moonlight Parade combines colourful floats, dancers, musicians and street entertainment; it’s one of Jersey’s most spectacular summertime events. (August)
  • At the International Air Display see one of the biggest and best free air displays in Europe so make sure you’re in St Aubin’s Bay. (September)
  • During the Victor Hugo International Music Festival classical music lovers should head to Guernsey which proves to be incredibly popular. (September)
  • Tennerfest offers something a bit different that everyone can benefit from. It’s basically a festival of food. Many restaurants across both islands offer an exciting extensive menu at fixed prices so you get more for less. (October / November)

Tipping etiquette

  • It is not expected, especially by taxi drivers.
  • A service charge is not normally added to the bill; therefore it is acceptable to leave 10%.
  • That said if you are dining with a large party, usually in excess of eight or ten people, a service charge may be included. This will be highlighted on your bill or stated on the menu.
  • Hotels do not normally add a service charge to the bill however there are some that will, particularly more upmarket hotels. As such, it is advisable to check the bill before you decide what amount to tip. Again, 10% is acceptable.
  • It is acceptable to tip hotel staff a small amount if they have provided excellent service.
  • If you are in a bar or a nightclub it is not necessary to tip the bar staff, however when appropriate some may say keep the change or get yourself a drink with the change.
  • In the Channel Islands there is no VAT and a service charge is not normally added to the bill. Therefore, a tip of 10-12% is acceptable.

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