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Seek out North Dakota.

Steeped in history and littered with breathtaking landscapes, North Dakota is full of surprises. If you enjoy getting up close and personal with the great outdoors, then this is the place for you.

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The famous North Dakota Badlands are a great place to start. The backdrops are also fantastic to discover using a hire car. There are some well-known road trips on which you can embark and this is just a sample of what is on offer here.

North Dakota Badlands

Head to the south-west and explore Theodore Roosevelt National Park. If you want to go wildlife spotting, you should see everything from bison to prairie dogs to eagles! If you wish to make good use of your rental car, then there are many drives that you can try. Don’t be afraid to park up and explore on foot too though.

Medora is a great town to visit whilst you are here. Enjoy some time at this old fashioned looking town. This is also close to the start point of the Maah Daah Hey Trail. Grab your hiking boots and trek along this scenic route.

Lewis and Clark Trail

If you want to immerse yourself in American history, then this trail is a great place to start. Bear in mind that this is not the only state to have a trail of this kind though. You can choose where to begin your adventure, either Bismarck or Mandan. Soak up the scenery and stop off and enjoy some of the historical points of interest along the way.

Small-Town Road Trip

Have you been looking to uncover the real America? Instead of sticking to the usual tourist hotspots, have you considered looking at the places that are below the radar? Go beyond the Sheyenne National Grassland and spend a day searching through the small towns of North Dakota.

International Peace Garden

If you are looking for a tranquil way to spend your day, then a visit to this vast Botanical Garden should float your boat! Marvel at the Peace Tower and if this happens to be a second or third visit to North Dakota, do not rule out a return trip to the changing landscapes that are housed here.

Cities in North Dakota

Grand Forks

If you like watching sports then you will be in heaven! Grand Forks boasts both the Ralph Englestad Arena and the River Cities Speedway. Check what events are on during your stay. If you can catch a hockey game or an event on the dirt track, you will not be disappointed.


The Dakota Zoo should be your first port of call. It is fairly compact, so you should be able to amble your way through it all and still have time for a relaxing dinner. If you want to learn more about the states Native American past, then a trip to the North Dakota Heritage Centre is also in order.


The namesake of a Coen brother’s film and TV series, there is more to this city than meets the eye. The annual marathon always gives the area a bustling and lively feel. For something a little different, visit the Fargo Air Museum or play a round or two at Edgewood Municipal Golf Course. Hector International Airport is also located here too.

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