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As with many of the Greek Islands, Lesvos’ appeal lies predominantly in the combination of stunning beaches, mountainous panoramas and historical wonders.

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The island of Lesvos, also known as Lesbos, is primarily served by Mytilini Airport. It is actually the third largest of the Greek Islands and despite this, has maintained most of its traditional Greek charm. Due to its size, a hire car comes in very useful if you are keen to travel around the variety of sights on this island.

Towns to Visit

Travel to Anaxos, home to a popular turtle pond, not far from Skalahori; marvel at the wildlife you’ll see here.

Explore more and experience all this island has to offer, drive to Molyvos and uncover some of the sensational local restaurants that frame the harbour after you’ve spent the day snorkelling.

Travel to Skala Kaloni, where you’ll find Kaloni Bay, perfect for water sports and underwater activities you’ll be spoilt for choice; wear yourself out on the water for the day and then recline on the sandy beach or head straight to one of the divine sardine-selling cafés.

Lesvos is also well-known for its abundance of hot springs. Eftalou is often cited as the home of the best of the bunch. All you have to do is head to the beach here where you should find the opportunity to bathe in the natural waters.

Sights Not to be Missed

Travel to the Petrified Forest which is located close to Sigri. Marvel at the trees that have been turned to stone.

Lesvos still produces olive oil and Ouzo. To uncover more of the history of Ouzo production, head to the Barbayannis Ouzo Museum. Understand the history behind this famous beverage and gain an insight into how processes have changed over the years.

Drive to Kalloni, and just a short distance away is the Monastery of Limonas. This byzantine monastery now houses a library and hosts festivals annually.

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