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Morocco Travel Guide.

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On a visit to Morocco you can get a taste for the modern rush of the cosmopolitan cities, sample the peace and quiet of the sand dunes, admire the view of snow-capped mountains dotted with Berber villages, or explore the beautiful beaches along the Moroccan coastline.

There are lots of things to see and do, which suit all different kinds of holidaymaker. By hiring a car, you will have the speed and flexibility to get around and see and do the things that interest you.

Morocco has a rich and traditional culture and many visitors visit in search of Royal Palaces, unexpected oases, distinctive handicrafts and fantastic hospitality. The main cities of Rabat, Meknes, and Marrakech offer lots of the traditional Moroccan activities, but mix them with the excitement of a fast-paced cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Things to see and do

  • Visit the Sahara, the world’s largest desert. Camel treks can be arranged throughout the Sahara Desert region in southwestern Morocco.
  • Trek along one of the trails up the Atlas Mountains.
  • Get a bargain piece of handicraft at the ‘Souk’ in Fes, these markets can be found throughout Morocco.
  • Take a traditional steam bath known as a ‘Hammam’.
  • Go white water rafting and admire the gorges on the rivers in the High and Middle Atlas ranges.
  • Mountain bike through desert oases and rugged terrain trails in the Anti-Atlas and Draa Valley.
  • See the square in Old Marrakech with its henna painters, potion sellers, snake charmers and acrobats by day and its story tellers, Gnaoua musicians and belly dancers by night.
  • Explore Casablanca’s white-washed old town and admire its Moroccan art deco glories from wrought iron geometric arabesque gates to faded movie palaces.

Festivals and events

  • Almond Blossom Festival held annually in Tafraoute inside the roman ruin. (February)
  • The Traditional Handicrafts Festival is held in Zagora, and showcases the best traditional wood, silk and silver products. (May)
  • The Rose Festival is marked by singing, dancing and exhibits of a variety of handicrafts. (May)
  • The Honey Festival celebrates the largest and most unusual beehive in the world. (May)
  • Visit the Cherry Festival and enjoy three days of competitions and processions. (June)
  • Held in Imilchl it was traditional to be married on this day. The Festival of Fiancés celebrates this ancient custom. (September)
  • Festival of Fantasia allows thousands of horsemen to showcase their skills. (September)
  • The Porcelin Festival is devoted to porcelain dolls and a variety of other items. (September)
  • The Date Festival celebrates the harvest of dates in the Erfoud area. (October)
  • Visit Tissa and enjoy a competition between horse breeds at the Horse Festival. (October)

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