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Saint Martin or Sint Maarten.

The sun-drenched island of Saint Martin (also known as St Maarten or Sint Maarten) is not only a glorious island but also one of the most unique holiday destinations in the entire world. This is because the north side of the island is an outpost of France, while the south side embraces the relaxing culture of the Dutch.

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The border is virtually non-existent and the two sides live quite happily.

Best known for Maho Bay beach which is located at the end of Princess Juliana Airport’s runway, the island’s other beaches offer wonderful water and excellent facilities without the risk of being blown off your feet by the slipstream!

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Zest Car Rental provides a fresh approach to car hire in Saint Martin. Booking a car through us is simple and hassle-free because we believe in making things easy. We don’t charge amendment or credit card fees or try to confuse you with unnecessary waffle.

We work with carefully selected and trusted car hire companies to ensure the best customer service and our UK head office is open 6 days a week. We operate an emergency 24/7 back up service so we’re always available to help should you need us and we’re also open on Bank Holidays so don’t worry about not being able to get through to us.

Flying to Saint Martin

No matter if you are staying on the French or Dutch side of the island, rest assured Zest Car Rental is never far away.

Grand Case Airport, also known as L'Esperance Airport, is the gateway to the northern side of Saint Martin. Controlled by the French government, this part of the island is home to a number of restaurants serving delicious cuisine and beaches bustling with a party vibe all year long. Perhaps more fashionable than the Dutch side, St Martin is home to the gorgeous and ever popular Baie Orientale.

Land at the Princess Juliana Airport, or Sint Maarten Airport as it is also known, and you will be right in the centre of the Dutch side of this wonderful Caribbean island. A territory of the Netherlands Antilles, this half of the island packs a cosmopolitan atmosphere and is home to vibrant casinos, bars, and clubs. Head down to Captain Hodge Pier for a stunning view of the beautiful Great Bay and the beach that stretches alongside.

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