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Slovakia Travel Guide.

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Forested peaks and picturesque villages.

Strewn with ancient castle ruins, picturesque villages and stunning national parks that cover the forested peaks that form the border between Slovakia and Poland, Slovakia is rapidly becoming one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting Eastern Europe.

Although it may be compact Slovakia certainly doesn’t lack for things to see and do. From day long hikes across the country’s breath-taking landscape to relaxing afternoons spent café hopping in Bratislava’s Old Town centre, there really is something for everyone.

Slovakia Tourist Board: The official website for the Slovakian Tourist Board – a useful resource for planning your trip to Slovakia.

Know Before You Go: Travel advice for Slovakia from the FCO.

Things to see and do

Hike through the High Tatras to Skok Waterfalls where you’ll find both mesmerising lakes and beautiful mountain vistas at the top!

Visit Spis Castle on travertine rock. This magical place will transport you back in time, with costumed enthusiasts and historical props bringing the 900 year old ruin back to life.

Head out on an adventure in Slovak Paradise National Park. Traverse the ravines, gorges, chasms, meadows and waterfalls with the help of wooden bridges, ladders and iron chains and uncover the various historical monuments hidden along the way.

Try your hand at folk rafting in the Dunajec river rapids on traditional wooden rafts! A cruise down the river on a ‘Goral’ raft combined with the majestic scenery of the Three Crowns peaks certainly makes for a memorable outing.

Visit Bratislava and explore the Old Town by Prešporáčik. This old-fashioned mini-train will take you on a tour of the city’s heart. Your guide will point out key historic monuments such as the Town Hall, St. Martin’s Cathedral, the Little Blue Church and Bratislava Castle, offering a rich insight into the grandeur of Bratislava’s history.

Tour the beautiful underground Demanovska Cave of Liberty where you will find an array of natural wonders. The flowstone water lilies, stalactites and flowstone waterfalls are truly captivating.

Be sure to visit one of Slovakia’s Skanzen villages. These open-air-museum villages showcase the country's fantastic folk history, architecture and cultural traditions.

If you head into the mountains to enjoy the ski slopes, why not relax in a thermal spa after a day of snowy fun! Swap your ski jacket for a swimsuit and enjoy the warm bubbly waters or a hot sauna.

Take a wine tour in the exquisite Small Carpathian region. Visit the colourful villages and quaint towns which lie at the foothills of the Small Carpathian Mountains, tour the traditional wine cellars and indulge in the delicious local wine served alongside plates of locally produced cheese.

Festivals and events

The Vychodna Folk Festival takes place in the village of Vychodna, located just a short drive from Liptovsky Mikulas. This is the oldest and greatest folklore music and dance festival since 1953 and is a great showcase of Slovakia’s vast range of folklore traditions. (July)

The Banská Štiavnica Jazz Festival is a two day music festival set in the heart of lush countryside. Banská Štiavnica provides a delightful rustic setting for the summer jazz festival and hosts events all over town. (June)

Don’t miss the Art and International Film Festival which is held in the town of Trencianske Teplice. Founded in 1993 the annual festival includes documentary and feature films with an art focus attracting visitors from around the world. (June)

Modra’s Apple Festival is another charming event which offers up the opportunity to enjoy a picturesque Slovakian town. Wander through the orchards, enjoy the fun and games, sample the myriad apple specialities and browse a wide array of other fruit and seeds available for purchase. (October)

The Bratislava Music Festival is a real treat for all classical music fans. Organised by the Slovak Philharmonic society, classical music events are held at a number of historical venues throughout the Slovakian capital. (November - December)

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