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Unearth Kosice.

With a wealth of historical monuments such as the magnificent gothic Cathedral of St Elizabeth and the splendid Castle of Spis, as well as a number of natural attractions including the Kosice Zoo and the Botanical Gardens, visitors won’t find themselves at a loss for things to do.

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Kosice is a medieval relic with the elegance of a modern European city. From history and modern art to sports and a vibrant nightlife Kosice has something to suit every taste. Collecting a hire car at Kosice Airport will not only grant you unlimited access to the city but the beautiful surrounding region as well.

Sightseeing in Kosice

Take a tour of St Elizabeth’s Cathedral and admire the church’s famous interior features which include the gothic staircase leading to the Choir’s emporia, the Cathedral’s crypt, and the main altar. Visitors can also climb the Northern Tower which at nearly 200 feet tall offers magnificent scenic views.

Kosice is also home to the largest zoo in Eastern Europe. With almost 150 species of animals Kosice Zoo offers visitors an exceptional opportunity to explore parts of the animal kingdom they may never have seen before! Watch your favourite critters being fed and enjoy the numerous other shows and displays.

The Botanical Garden also offers up the opportunity to explore unknown and exotic aspects of the natural world! With thousands of species of weird and wonderful plants in the tropical rainforest greenhouse, expansive outdoor gardens and seasonal thematic displays and exhibitions the Botanical Garden is a must-see for visitors to Kosice!

Explore East Slovakia

Spis Castle is another of the region’s architectural highlights and is just an hour’s drive from Kosice. The monumental structure sits at the top of a hill and dominates a spectacularly beautiful region. Inside you can tour the restored Kitchen, bedrooms, armoury, chapel and torture chambers; climb the castle tower and browse exhibits displaying artefacts that date back to the Stone Age.

Slovensky Raj or ‘Slovak Paradise’ is one of the most striking national parks in Eastern Europe and well worth the 2 hour drive from Kosice. Although you may have to start your day early the unique ladder and chain trails through dense forests past rumbling waterfalls and sheer gorges will leave you both breathless and exhilarated!

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