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Washington is a state with two distinct personalities. On one hand you have the sleek and sophisticated Portland and Seattle which have become iconic centres of urban cool, and on the other you have a rich landscape that is both a pastoral idyll and a centre of striking natural wonder.

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Whether you choose to pick up your hire car from Seattle Tacoma Airport or Spokane International, you won’t have to travel far to discover fantastic sights and attractions.


Portland is an up-and-coming city full of personality. With its pretty residential neighbourhoods and vibrant downtown, it’s a wonder it hasn’t been considered a must-visit destination all along.

If you’re an art lover, visit the exceptionally trendy Pearl District. This renovated industrial quarter is now a glittering collection of unique boutiques, creative restaurants, and art galleries that double as bars after hours.

Alternatively, head to Pioneer Courthouse Square located at the heart of downtown Portland. Nicknamed ‘Portland’s living room’ it’s the perfect place to relax, wander farmer’s markets and even catch an alfresco film night at ‘Flicks on the Bricks’.

For those looking to join Portland’s ‘green’ efforts don’t miss Forest Park! It is the largest urban forest in the US and a fantastic outdoor experience. Visitors can enjoy a range of soft surface trails that wind their way through the forest all year round and they don’t even have to leave the city limits!


Seattle is Washington State’s most vibrant city. A magnet for trendy urbanites, culture vultures, and pleasure seekers. The city is a diverse and colourful place that will not only grab your interest but capture your imagination.

Visit Pike-Place Market where you’ll be immersed into a heady concoction of noise, smells, tastes, art, and theatre. Pike place is essentially a microcosm of Seattle, offering a charmingly ‘local’ experience whilst highlighting the city’s key personality traits.

Be sure to sample Seattle’s truly unique nightlife during your stay. Choose from indie cinemas, independent brewery pubs, and trendy music venues in renovated buildings for a night out you’ll always remember!

Olympic National Park

When visiting Washington State a trip to Olympic National Park is a must. It is one of North America’s last great wilderness areas that has remained relatively untouched or unchanged by human habitation. Olympic National Park is a strikingly diverse landscape that is home to a rainforest, icy mountain peaks, alpine meadows, and 60 miles of rugged coastline.

Whether you are looking to embark on an independent exploration of the park or prefer guided tours, the recreational opportunities and activities are endless. Besides hiking, fishing, camping and kayaking, visitors can also enjoy historic boat tours and indulge in the park’s hot springs resort.

Don’t miss the Olympic Peninsula Waterfall trail which will lead you through dramatically beautiful scenery offering the perfect photo opportunities! Lake Crescent is another great attraction. The luminous waters and pristine alpine surrounding provide an extraordinary setting for both recreation and relaxation.


Understated yet sophisticated Spokane is often overlooked in favour of Portland and Seattle. However, despite its modest reputation, this city has a few surprises up its sleeve that are not to be missed!

In downtown Spokane you’ll find one of the most spectacular urban waterfalls as the Spokane river cascades through the middle of the city. Visit Riverfront Park for the best views of the falls and enjoy a wide range of other star attractions such as the carrousel, the Falls Skyride, and the Ice Palace.

Okanogan National Forest

Whether you’re staying in east Washington or just passing through, make sure you stop at the breathtaking Okanogan National Forest. Encompassing over 4-million acres along the Cascade Mountain Range, the park is every hiker, biker, wildlife watcher, and photo opportunist’s paradise!

Domke Lake and Boulder Cave are the park’s most popular beauty spots. Whether you decide to join a guided trail or explore these areas independently, you’re guaranteed a memorable adventure!

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