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Whether you want to lie on the beach, explore the crater lakes, or visit the volcanic vineyards, you’re guaranteed a unique holiday here.

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Pico Airport is located on the island of Pico in the Azores archipelago. Known as the Grey Island due to its numerous lava fields, this beautiful island is well-worth exploring with a hire car.

Exploring Pico Island

Lajes do Pico

Located in the south, approximately 30 minutes’ drive from the airport, you can enjoy a trip to the Whalers Museum alongside the historical Fort of Santa Catarina. Boat trips are easily arranged here too due to its proximity to the coast.


Fantastic for divers, Madalena is also a great spot for heading out on a whale or dolphin watching tour. The area is also home to a number of maroiços. These stone buildings are conical in shape and certainly worth seeing.

Day Trips on Pico

The highest mountain in Portugal, Pico Mountain can be seen across most of the island. Grab your hiking boots and climb this volcano. It is recommended that you take a guide should you wish to scale this monster as it is rather challenging!

The volcanic vineyards dotted around Pico are known as currais and are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The vineyards are protected by walls dating from the 15th Century to protect them from damage by wind and the sea. The best example of these can be found at Criação Velha and Santa Luzia.

The lava tunnel of the Gruta das Torres is also easily reached with your rental car. There is a fascinating visitor centre where you can start your day and then a guide can take you into the first 450 metres of the cave.

Journey to the east of the island and you will find the Plain of Achada. Gaze in awe at the numerous crater lakes then amble through the forests here.

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