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Home > Blog > Europe > Poland > What is There to do in Poland?

Poland may not be on your top 10 list of holiday destinations, so you may find yourself asking “What is there to do in Poland?” and unfortunately, there’s no easy answer! As a diverse country with an extremely long history, conflict and triumph, fascinating cities and untouched natural landscapes, there are many thousands of things to see and do in Poland and there’s no way I can divulge them all. What I can do however, is give you an idea of some of the very best things to do in Poland, and leave you to figure out the rest for yourself first hand.

Old Town of Krakow & Jewish Quarter

Krakow isn’t the capital but it’s probably the best loved city among visitors, thanks largely to the attractive Old Town. It’s easy to picture horse drawn carts on the cobbled streets and the cosy pubs, street vendors selling flowers, tobacco and giant hot pretzels, beautiful buildings and a chill in the air make it extra special. The medieval market place is the largest in Europe and the Jewish Quarter is also fascinating to explore.

Masurian Lake District

The Masurian Lake District is certainly one of Poland’s greatest accolades; an area of exceptional beauty providing the perfect environment for all sorts of outdoor activities. There are more than 2,000 lakes in the area, connected by rivers and canals. Spend some time here sailing, fishing, canoeing, hiking, biking and wildlife watching. Sound like somewhere you’d enjoy?

Ksiaz Castle

Reeking of fairy tale love stories, Ksiaz Castle is an architectural gem and the third largest castle in the country. Its construction was completed in the late 13th century and is located atop a hill almost engulfed in trees in Silesia, a region in the south of the country. Uncover four hundred rooms and chambers, all grandly decorated, and venture to the main tower where fantastic views of the surroundings gardens and tree tops await. It really is rather special and unlike any other tourist attraction in Europe.


It’s controversial to include the concentration camp Auschwitz in a list of tourist attractions I know but because it isn’t, not in the typical sense but it’s a deeply sobering place with such historical significance that it can’t be ignored. More than 1 million people lost their lives here less than 100 years ago and a trip here will give you perspective that will last for the rest of your life. It’s not a trip that should be undertaken lightly. Do you think Auschwitz should be open to the public?

National Parks

On a cheerier note, the beauty of Poland is hugely underappreciated and there are no less than 23 national parks to visit. The USA has 59 and Poland is roughly the size of one US State. That’s a pretty impressive by anyone’s standards! Drink in the alpine beauty of Tetra and be amazed by the ever changing sand dunes and coastal lakes of Słowiński and that’s just for starters. Do be sure to pack your hiking boots!

With other top sights to visit like Malbork Castle, Wieliczka Salt Mine and Bear Cave, a holiday in Poland is sure to be a diverse and interesting trip so explore Poland your way. Would you go on a holiday in Poland?

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