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The city of Frankfurt is certainly full of surprises. Home to a bustling business district, the numerous skyscrapers that litter the skyline are juxtaposed by the neighbouring historic buildings.

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Frankfurt is truly a city of contrasts, perfect for those seeking to explore the beauty of this area of Germany. Opting to rent a car is by far the easiest way to get the best from your stay in Frankfurt and its surroundings.

Things to See and Do in Frankfurt

Your first stop will no doubt be Römerberg, the historical part of the city. View the Town Hall and the nearby Old Nikolai Church. Stroll to the Archäologische Garten and see what remains of what was once a Roman settlement. Packed full of 14th and 15th Century buildings, it’s a delightful area to visit.

If you enjoy museums then Frankfurt’s Museumsufer, an embankment packed full of art galleries and museums, will keep you occupied for days on end! View everything from the German Film Museum to the Giersch Museum and plenty more.

If you get the opportunity, visit the Old Opera House and see one of the hundreds of shows or performances that are held here each year. Not only is this an impressive landmark in the city, it will also provide you with a fantastic night out too.

Frankfurt Day Trips

Hop in your hire car and travel to the town of Cochem. Watched over by Cochem Castle, start your day here then progress into the charming town centre. Whether you simply wish to wander the narrow streets and marvel at the quaint buildings, or stroll along the Moselle Promenade and enjoy the array of flowers along the water, a day here is not wasted!

Würzburg is also well-worth a day trip. The Würzburger Residence is a phenomenal palace famed for its intricate baroque staircase. The gardens here are also worthy of a wander and if you then head up to Marienberg Fortress, you can soak up the fantastic views across the area.

The Rhine River spans across much of Germany including nearby Frankfurt. Whilst a cruise on the Rhine is a great way to see some of the sights, there are many hiking trails to enjoy as well. Just rent a car, drive off, and pick your favourite spot.

Travel to Gelnhausen and view St Marys Church. Head to the castle, Kaiserpfalz which is surprisingly well preserved then visit the Imperial Palace and the Catholic Church of St Peter’s Church. This pretty town with its delightful Old Town will surely keep you amused.

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