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In 2003 Tel Aviv's White City was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site so you will find plenty to explore here. Start your adventure by hiring a car which is the perfect way to begin discovering Israel.

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Ben Gurion International Airport serves as an international gateway to not only the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem metropolitan areas but to the majority of Israel. Ben Gurion airport is located near the suburb of Lod; about 12 miles away from Tel Aviv's city centre.

Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel. With 2.5 million international visitors each year, it has become known as the city that never sleeps. It's a party capital due to its lively nightlife, dynamic atmosphere and 24-hour culture.

What is There to Do in Tel Aviv?

Take a drive along the promenade which runs beside the Mediterranean shore in Tel Aviv. Park up and spend some time on the stunning sandy beaches and go swimming. Charles Clore Park, which is a beachfront public park to the south west of the promenade, is also well worth a visit.

Ramat Gan Safari is a Zoological Centre which spreads over a 250-acre site. It consists of both a drive-through African safari area and a modern outdoor zoo. It is the largest collection of wildlife in human care in the Middle East. With over 1,500 animals from over 200 species on display, taking the time to visit Ramat Gan Safari is certainly worthwhile.

Take a trip to Luna Park; an amusement park complex with a variety of rides and amusements such as rollercoasters, Ferris wheels, bumper cars and water rides to name a few. Luna Park is ideal for families or adults.

Go and visit one of the many museums located in Tel Aviv such as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. It was established in 1932 and is contained within a building that was the home of Tel Aviv's first mayor. Why not visit The Eretz Israel Museum, a historical and archaeological museum? There's also the Palmach Museum which is a museum dedicated to the Palmach. They were a strike-force of the pre-state underground Haganah defence organization which was later integrated into the Israel defence forces.

Tel Aviv is also an international hub of highly active and diverse nightlife with a large number of bars, dance bars and nightclubs staying open well past midnight. The best area for nightclubs is the Tel Aviv Port. Tel Aviv also has a wide selection of restaurants offering traditional Israeli dishes as well as international cuisine.

Explore Israel - Day Trips from Tel Aviv

Ashdod is a short drive south, taking less than an hour to get there in a rental car. Once at Ashdod this coastal city has many beaches, holiday resorts and historic sites from different time periods.

Drive to the south east of Tel Aviv and you will come to the historic city of Jerusalem. Once at Jerusalem there is a plentiful supply of things to do and see. Visit the Dome of the Rock, a shrine located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem, the Walls of Jerusalem which surround the old city of Jerusalem, and the Church of the Sepulchre of Saint Mary, also known as the Tomb of the Virgin Mary.

Travel to Netanya which is located to the north. This coastal city offers a wide selection of bars and coupled with a variety of water sports available to try. Why not take a walk through one of the weekly antique and collectors markets?

Nazareth is only a short car journey away from Tel Aviv, so a visit here is a must. Full of biblical history, you should find a trip here fascinating. Find your way to Nazareth Village and the Basilica of the Annunciation for starters.

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