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Bucharest Otopeni Airport Car Hire.

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Once you have picked your rental car up it won’t take long before you can start enjoying your stay as Bucharest city centre is located only 16.5 km away.

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Also known as Henri Coandă International, it is Romania's busiest airport. Located northwest of the city of Bucharest it’s one of two airports used by the capital. Named after Romanian flight pioneer Henri Coandă, it is the headquarters for TAROM, the country's national airline.

Sightseeing in Bucharest

Why not visit Bucharest’s Arcul de Triumf, or The Triumphal Arch to you and me? It was built in 1935 and resembles the world famous Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Standing at 85 feet high, this simply stunning piece of architecture will blow you away and with an interior staircase you can bound to the top for a staggering panoramic view of the city.

Need a rest? Visit the unique Manuc's Inn. Built between 1804 and 1808 it was a favoured meeting and resting place for passing tradesmen and the locals. Manuc's Inn has preserved its old unique style and still functions as a hotel with a delicious restaurant, wine cellar and a sumptuous pastry shop.

Get a real understanding of the history of Romania and visit the Bucharest History & Art Museum. Located in the beautiful Sutu Palace the museum features over to 250,000 artefacts. You can see coins, books, maps and engravings right through to paintings, arms and furniture.

Day Trips From Bucharest

Why not take a trip to the Romanian Black Sea coast? Enjoy a relaxed drive to the city of Constanța. It lies on the western coast of the Black Sea and it is Romania’s fifth largest city, boasting one of the warmest climates.

Fancy a night out? La Motor is located close to the National Theatre. This bar is filled with everyone from artists, musicians and young professionals. Usually crowded, it is open all year long and you can catch live music most evenings. Visit in the summer and you are in for a real treat. Its rooftop bar is opened where you can relax watching movies on terrace.

Pitesti is only a short distance away and is home to Dracula’s Castle, a must-see on any trip to Romania.

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