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The hustle and bustle of the capital Tunis is just a short 9km journey from the airport.

Sightseeing in Tunis

Set off to explore the Medina of the city on foot. Get lost in the old winding streets and enjoy the burst of colour in the flea and street markets, known as souks. Be sure to sample some traditional Tunisian food along the way.

Tunis is home to a number of grand religious buildings that also form a prominent feature of the city’s skyline. The Al-Zaytuna Mosque is the oldest Mosque in the City of Tunis and the Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul, a large Roman Catholic cathedral are just a couple of examples of the many historic and grand buildings in Tunis.

The City also has plenty of ancient historic sites, buildings and ruins that can be found across the area. Unearth the remains from when the City was the seat of power for the Carthaginian Empire, before being destroyed and taken over by the Roman Republic which later become the Roman Empire.

Day Trips From Tunis - Explore Tunisia

A trip to Ichkeul National Park is another worthy excursion to make. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, the lake and surrounding wetlands are a haven for birdlife and definitely worth the trip.

Plan a visit to the town of Bizerte 70km away. The oldest and most European of Tunisia’s cities, it has played a big part in the country’s history and with beautiful scenery encompassing forests and beaches, it’s a treat to visit.

To the south of Tunis is the city of Sousse. This coastal city offers plenty to do and see from enjoying its pristine white sandy beaches to exploring it historic buildings, fortifications and souks.

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