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Explore Aqaba.

Aqaba is perfectly placed for a diverse trip to Jordan. Situated at the tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, combine diving ancient sites with a visit to historic wonders such as Petra.

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Also referred to as King Hussein International Airport, Aqaba Airport is located approximately 15 minutes’ drive from the centre of Aqaba. Collect a rental car and explore this wondrous and diverse area of Jordan.

Visit the Ruins of Petra

No visit to this area would be complete without a trip to Petra. Although it will take you around 2 hours to get there, exploration of this lost city cut into the rock is a necessity.

The ancient ruins elaborately carved into the pink-hued cliffs are one of the great wonders of the world. Having lain forgotten for centuries by all of civilisation except the Bedouin who made it their home, Petra possesses a timeless air of mystery. Reached via the Siq, a narrow rift in the land whose cliffs cast long shadows across the once-sacred way, you’ll find impressive spectacles such as the Treasury. Add to this the cheerfulness of the Bedouin who still live here, and it's easy to see what makes Petra a must.

Discover the Wonders of the Red Sea

Aqaba itself is next to the Gulf of Aqaba, the northern tip of the Red Sea. Arrange a diving excursion in Aqaba and marvel at the vast array of marine life and coral in the protected Marine Reserve area.

Plan a journey out to Pharaoh's Island, home to pristine coral blooms including a famously luminescent underwater mountain aptly nicknamed Picasso Reef. At a depth of 12 metres, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a wide variety of colourful fish, including the famous Picasso Trigger Fish.

The island itself is also known for its citadel, originally built by crusaders and later conquered and reconstructed by Saladin. The citadel is listed today as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Explore Wadi Rum 

Head to the visitors centre at Wadi Rum and locate the variety of sand dunes, canyons and natural rock formations that make this area so fascinating.

The area was first made famous by the exploits of Lawrence of Arabia during the 20th Century and has lost none of its allure and forbidding majesty. The changing angle of the sun casts dramatically diverse colours across the landscape; plan an overnight trip and make the most of this experience.

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