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Sample Amman.

Amman is a modern Arab city and provides a refreshing break from the antiquity which is characteristic of some destinations in the Middle East.

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Just a short 40 minute drive from the centre of Amman, pick up a rental car and start your holiday in Jordan as soon as you land.

See the Sights in Amman

Amman embraces an international and diverse outlook on its development and future. As such the city is home to a wonderful array of contemporary sights and attractions.

Next to City Hall you’ll find the Jordan Museum. Housed in a beautiful modern building, the museum is of international standard and displays a series of beautifully presented and informative exhibitions depicting Jordan's historical epic from the first people through the Nabatean civilisation to the cusp of the modern era.

Be sure to stop by the King Abdullah Mosque. Completed in 1989 this modern day mosque is the only one in Amman which welcomes non-Muslim visitors. Tour the cavernous octagonal prayer hall and admire the paintwork on the hall’s blue dome.

Opposite the mosque you’ll find the small but perfectly formed Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. The visually impressive building is a great place to learn more about the contemporary art scene in Jordan, the Middle East and the wider Islamic world. Displays include paintings, sculptures and pottery pieces all offering an interesting insight into the Islamic world of art.

Day Trips From Amman

Journey to the Jordan Rift Valley which is the lowest point on earth. Float in the salty Dead Sea and enjoy the health benefits including that of the mud here. Relax in the breathtaking landscape and perhaps even travel to Amman Touristic Beach for a swim in the pools.

Travel to Bethany Beyond the Jordan. It is believed that this is the place at which Jesus was baptized. You may also wish to traverse to Mount Nebo where, according to the Bible, Moses was shown a glimpse of the Promised Land.

Arrange a visit to one of the Desert Castles. Packed with early examples of Islamic art and architecture, a visit here will certainly provide you with a fascinating insight into the history of this country.

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