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Traverse Vilnius.

The capital and largest city of Lithuania is the city Vilnius. Known for its architecture, there's a lot for you to see in this beautiful city.

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A lot of the city has been modernised yet it still retains its iconic buildings such as the Cathedral of Vilnius and many more in the Old Town. Slicing through the middle of the city, the river Neris flows down from the city Kaunas in the west straight through Vilnius and towards the east.

Just a short distance away from the city centre is the airport, which is approximately 7km away in fact. Vilnius Airport is also the largest airport in Lithuania making your trip to the capital easy and stress free. To simplify your stay even more, why not hire a car from Vilnius Airport?

What is There to See and Do in Vilnius?

First of all you should visit the cathedral in the Old Town. From the moment you set eyes on the cathedral, you will fall in love with it. From the exterior architecture to the frescos and paintings, this place is a great start for your trip to Vilnius.

Whilst here you should take some time and explore one of the largest surviving medieval old towns in Europe. Buzzing with local life, the area is the heart and soul of the city. Its architecture changes in correlation to the city's history and culture. In some areas you will find Europe's best architecture styles side by side, from gothic to renaissance and all the way to neoclassical. When you visit the Old Town you will notice its originality and it's recommended you explore all of the area as there are a lot of hidden gems.

When exploring the Old Town, you will see part of a castle overlooking the city. Scale Gediminas Hill and venture into the Upper Castle fort for the perfect opportunity to take pictures of Vilnius. There's more to the complex than just the perfect view. Here you can visit two arsenals, the new and old. The Old Arsenal was established in the 15th Century and the New Arsenal was started in one of the castle's oldest buildings in the 18th Century. The complex is well maintained and the buildings are home to the National Museum of Lithuania and the Museum of Applied Art.

The National Museum of Lithuania is the oldest museum in the whole of Lithuania and its artefacts reflect the cultural history of the country. Some of the artefacts on display date back to the Stone Age with stone shards and various tools being on view. There's something interesting for all ages here and it's definitely worth a visit to get a deeper knowledge of Lithuanian history.

Day Trips From Vilnius

Take your hire car and head north out of the city and towards the Museum of the Custom. It is roughly 6kms away from the city and there's no admission fee. The museum has recently been renovated and there's a lot of interactive displays on hand. The museum displays and explains the material which was banned in the country during Soviet rule and shows how people smuggled them in without detection. Spending time here will provide you with a fun, informative filled afternoon.

Only a 30 minute drive west out of Vilnius is the former capital; Trakai. This is an interesting place and you can see why people love spending their time here. To get to the castle you need to walk across a long bridge which gives you the perfect opportunity to admire the surrounding lake. Once past the large stone castle walls, you'll be in the inner yard of the castle. Here you will see the true extent of the castle's size and you can see wooden stair galleries of the castle palace. The castle was built over three stages dating back to the 14th Century with reconstruction work taking place in the 19th Century.

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