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The coastal city of Gdansk is served by Gdansk Airport which can be found 15km away from the city centre.

Discover Gdansk's Top Attractions

There’s plenty to do in Gdansk from the Gdansk Museum housed in what used to be the Town Hall. There’s also the Old Town, the National Museum, the Maritime Museum and Mariacka Street.

Get a taste of the hustle and bustle of Gdansk with a trip to Długi Targ. This market may have become aimed more at tourists in recent years, but is great if you want to try and grab a bargain or see some local crafts.

Walk along Royal Way and make sure you look at the fabulous examples of architecture along it. Marvel at the Upland Gate and then take a trip to the Golden Gate too. This is a great way to see more of the history of Poland and Gdansk during your stay.

Day Trips From Gdansk

Head to Sopot, not only to enjoy the great beach but to take a walk along one of the many trails in the Sopot Woods. Pay a visit to Oliwa Zoo, one of the biggest zoological gardens in Poland for a great day out.

Embark on the road to Hel. Located at the tip of the peninsula, this tree-filled town is a real gem. There is of course a beach here too, so this gives you the perfect excuse to soak up a bit of sun whilst you are here.

Head over to Gdynia which is a rather modern city. Wander to the harbour where you will find two floating museum ships. Unearth more about this city's past as a busy sea port.

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