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Tour around Lodz.

Lodz, amusingly pronounced woo-tsh, is a thriving and attractive city with plenty to enjoy. Explore the depths of the city before venturing further afield with a rental car.

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Brimming with beautiful architecture, Lodz is the third largest of Poland's city, located a mere 130km from the neighbouring capital Warsaw.

Sightseeing in Lodz

Start on Piotrkowska Street, which is in fact the longest commercial street in Europe. Packed with eateries, bars, shops, and attractions there’s plenty to see and do before venturing further afield.

One of Lodz’s star attractions is The Manufaktura. The shopping and leisure complex calls a huge cotton mill its home. The renovation was completed in 2006 and despite some initial reservations by locals it has become incredibly popular and is considered one of the most attractive areas in town.

Besides shops and restaurants, visitors can also find a cinema and even a contemporary art museum. With plenty to keep you entertained for a whole day it’s a great place to escape to if you’re visiting in the winter months.

Day Trips From Lodz

Travel 40km to the nearby medieval city of Leczyca. With a Royal Castle and numerous churches to explore and knight tournaments to see, it will be an interesting addition to your itinerary.

Inject a dose of luxury to your trip with a visit to the village Spala. It's well-known for its spas and wellness centres as well as the Spala Landscape Park. If you enjoy a spot of wildlife watching, the park provides plenty of opportunities to admire the numerous wild animals. These include wild boar, roe deer and red deer.

Picturesque forests of ancient pines and oaks, and lush valleys along the river make the Landscape Park an attractive place to visit for both sport enthusiasts as well as those that enjoy the great outdoors. There are numerous foot and bike trails and keen canoeists will be keen to try their hand on the Pilica river.

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