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Hiring a car is the perfect way to experience all the things to see and do on Sicily. The size of the island means that almost anywhere is within daytrip distance, so you’ll really have to be selective.

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Comiso Airport is located on the southwest coast of Sicily, only 3 miles outside of the city of Comiso. The airport also serves the city of Ragusa which is only a 15 minute drive away.

Sightseeing in Comiso

Comiso is a charming city with some perfect examples of Baroque architecture. There are a variety of decorative churches to visit if you are interested in historical religious sites, including the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. The city also has some ancient hot springs which are always a popular attraction when in need of some relaxation.

If you like a relaxing holiday then grab a cold drink and watch the world go by in one of Comiso’s elegant piazzas. Alternatively you could take a stroll to the Donnafugata Castle and explore the historic site.

Explore Ragusa

The city sits prominently on the top of a large hill and is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is split into two main areas, an area towards the top of the hill and a lower section. The sections are split by a dramatic ravine which can be crossed by four different decorative bridges.

The most striking of the sights in the city is the Cathedral of San Giorgio. Its large dome and beautiful baroque architecture make it a must-see if you appreciate great art. It’s not the only cathedral in the city though. The cathedral of San Giovanni Battista is the dominant feature in the upper part of the city, Ragusa Superiore.

Day Trips From Comiso

Just a short drive north up the coast is the city of Agrigento. It is particularly famous for it being the site of the ancient Greek city Akragas. The Valley of the Temples in the ancient city is one of the main attractions on the whole island and it shouldn’t be missed. There are outstanding examples of ancient architecture and art that are world-renowned. The Temple of Juno and The Temple of Concordia are particular highlights but you can easily spend all day exploring the sites.

Also within a similar distance of the airport is the city of Syracuse, ancient home to the famous Archimedes. The old town, Ortygia, is particularly picturesque and is sat on an island surrounded by the sea on all sides. Ortygia is joined to the newer part of the city by a series of bridges and wandering around the old town is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. There are also many fantastic examples of Greek architecture such as the Temple of Apollo, the Amphitheatre, and the Fountain of Arethusa which should not be missed.

Alongside the Ancient Greek architecture and fantastic beaches that can be found in Sicily, there are also some famous Roman remains. The Piazza Armerina, which is located about an hour’s drive north of Ragusa, has some of the finest Roman remains on the island. The mosaics in the Villa Romana del Casale are worth the trip on their own but the gigantic Baroque Cathedral and Aragonese Castle make Piazza Armerina a must-see.

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