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Sicily is home to six UNESCO World Heritage Sites with perhaps the most famous being its most recent addition, Mount Etna. The volcano is the most active in Europe and the town of Catania is located below it.

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Catania Airport, also known as Catania Fontanarossa Airport, is only a short 15 minute car journey away from the town of Catania. So make sure that you arrange to rent a car and start your holiday in Sicily as soon as you land.

The whole island of Sicily can be accessed by a short drive from the airport, so you still have lots of choice about where you go once you’ve got off the plane. Mount Etna is well-known for its historic eruptions, but it is still one of the most active volcanos in the world. Although it has destroyed so much of the local infrastructure over time, it has also provided exceptionally fertile soils and is striking to look at.

Sightseeing in Catania

The historic centre of Catania is relatively small so it’s quite easy to navigate yourself around. However, we would regard the Piazza del Duomo as the central location in the town. One of the most popular attractions in the town is in the Piazza, the Elephant Fountain, which makes a great photograph.

The town is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site protecting the late baroque towns of the Val di Noto. The town is a paradise of stunning churches and other architecture for you to marvel at whilst strolling through the peaceful streets. The local cuisine is varied and particular specialities include Pasta alla Norma and Arancini (rice croquettes filled with a tomato sauce and meat). For the more open-minded holidaymaker, the Benedictine Monastery is famed for its horse meat. Overall, there is a wide range of gorgeous Mediterranean food on offer here and the problems will arise when you are deciding which restaurant you prefer!

Day Trips From Catania

You can journey further along the coast to Taormina, which is one of the most aesthetically pleasing locations on the island. There is a host of ancient Greek temples and theatres on the island but there are none that are more beautiful than the theatre at Taormina. Situated high up over the beach, it has an incredible view over the ocean towards Mount Etna.

If you like exploring ancient ruins then Sicily should be at the top of your holiday wishlist. It boasts a huge range of significant archaeological sites. For example, the town of Gela contains a host of sites to enjoy including an Acropolis, Capo Soprano, a Greek fortification and a Cathedral, which should easily fill a day out for any visitor. Whatever you like doing on your holiday, relaxing in the sun, eating great local food or immersing yourself in history, flying into Catania Airport is the perfect choice.

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