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O.R. Tambo (Johannesburg) Airport Car Hire.

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Jump around Johannesburg.

Known by Jo’burgers as a city of opportunity, there is plenty to see, do and experience during your trip here as well as in the surrounding region.

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O.R. Tambo Airport is located approximately 21km from the centre of Johannesburg so hiring a car is a great way to start your holiday and get to know the city quickly.

Explore Johannesburg

The flourishing city of Johannesburg forms the heart of South Africa. Whilst the smart new centre is renowned for its buzzing energy, other districts and suburbs each have their own character and personality.

In the cultural district of Newtown you’ll find a wide array of restaurants, theatres, museums, and jazz clubs where the social scene is livelier than ever and the fun never stops.

Once you’re caught up in the friendly atmosphere of Jo’burg it’s difficult to imagine the country’s recent past and the Apartheid conflicts. However, the Apartheid museum is an absolute must see when visiting Johannesburg. Film, text, and audio displays of live accounts provide a moving insight into South Africa’s struggle for democracy and the tensions and inequalities of South Africa’s era of segregation and oppression.

Day Trips From Johannesburg

Visit the Cradle of Humankind, an interesting name to match an interesting natural attraction. Discover the journey of the Earth and humankind from the start to present day and also enjoy a boat trip on an underground lake.

Explore the Burma Lake Flea Market which contains almost 600 stalls, each selling a variety of items and good quality African arts and crafts. There are many other flea markets to choose from too.

Visit the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve approximately 45 minutes from the city which should prove to be a great day out for the whole family. Enjoy a 4x4 adventure or a game drive, or try your hand at abseiling. The park even offers the opportunity to pet lions, tigers, and cheetah cubs!

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