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Discover the Northern part of Cyprus. Sample the bustling areas of Kyrenia and Nicosia or simply relax and take a stroll along the breathtaking coastline, the choice is yours.

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If you’re holidaying in Northern Cyprus, then you will most likely be flying into Ercan Airport. With a new modern terminal, Ercan Airport is truly the leading port of entry for hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers visiting Northern Cyprus. The airport has certainly come a long way from when it was constructed by the British in World War II to serve military operations.

The nearest town is the historic city of Nicosia which is approximately a 30 minute drive. You’ll only get the freedom that you crave by hiring a car.

What is There to See in Northern Cyprus?

Firstly you will want to visit Nicosia which is the world’s only divided city due to the Turkish occupation of the northern part of the island. It’s the island’s commercial and cultural hub and is a great place to shop.

Whilst visiting Nicosia, you should check out Hadjigeorgiakis Kornesios House for a glimpse of life in Ottoman Cyprus. The house was owned by a dragoman, who acted as the liaison between Greek residents of Cyprus and their Turkish rulers, and received a Europa Nostra Prize for the sensitivity of its restoration.

Another place to check out in Nicosia is the Buyuk Han. Located inside the old walls of the city, it is a marketplace filled with great atmosphere, making it the perfect place to enjoy a local tea.

To the north of the island is Kyrenia which is approximately a 30-40 minute drive from the airport. Take your hire car to this historic town to see the harbour which is overlooked by the Kyrenia Castle. Don’t forget to actually go into the castle because if you don’t, you will miss out on the opportunity to take some beautiful pictures of the Mediterranean and harbour. The castle is also home to the Kyrenia Wrecked Ship Museum which is also a must see attraction in Kyrenia.

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