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Explore Antalya.

Antalya is a city on the Mediterranean coast of south-western Turkey. It is the biggest international sea resort in the country, located on the Turkish Riviera. Brimming with ancient ruins, castles, and stunning beaches, this is a great holiday hotspot.

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Situated 13km from Antalya itself, collecting a hire car is the perfect way to get to your accommodation quickly.

Sightseeing in Antalya

On no account should you miss the comprehensive Archaeological Museum, which is about 2km west of Antalya’s city centre. It is very large, with exhibitions in 14 grand halls that cover everything from the Stone and Bronze Ages to Byzantium, so allow sufficient time. The Hall of Regional Excavations exhibits finds from ancient cities in Lycia and Pamphylia and is a must-see.

Day Trips From Antalya

Head along the shoreline towards Belek. This is a great location for a relaxing swim and a walk on the beach; make sure you spend some time here.

Explore the Turkish coast further. Stop off at Side which is home to some wondrous golden beaches. If you crave more exploration, view the ruins here including the Temples of Apollo and Athena and the Byzantine hospital for starters.

Travel a little further and you will reach Manavgat with its beautiful river and spectacular waterfall. Whilst here, you may also like to go on a river cruise or take a stroll through the beautifully landscaped riverside park.

Make your way along the coast to Alanya. This is one of nature’s most generous regions located in front of the Toros Mountains by the Mediterranean Sea. It has been the hub of many civilizations throughout the centuries. Enjoy Alanya’s stunning nature and ancient history with a visit to the Red Tower and Alanya Castle.

Journey in the opposite direction and you will find Kemer. Once again, the breathtaking beaches and ancient ruins are a winning combination!

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