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Nevsehir Airport Car Hire.

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Discover Nevsehir.

This historic city has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site, so you will find plenty of historic gems here. Hire a car so you can get to your accommodation and start your Turkish holiday quickly.

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Nevsehir Airport is located approximately 30 minutes’ drive from the centre of Nevsehir itself.

Sightseeing in Nevsehir

Head to the Goreme Open Air Museum. You will be sure to find the range of churches, which have been carved into the strange rock formations, truly fascinating.

If you enjoy horse riding, head over to Cemal Ranch. Soak up the views over the surrounding area and sample some fantastic food too. The Red Valley can also be traversed on foot, so grab your hiking boots and start exploring.

Nevsehir is also home to some fascinating underground cities. Kaymaklı has four floors that are open to the public. Each floor comprises different types of living space, starting with stables following into churches, then storages areas, and kitchens. Derinkuyu is another underground wonder that once housed 20,000 people.

Day Trips From Nevsehir

Visit some of the nearby towns and cities such as Ankara. The journey will take you a good few hours, but easily reached with a hire car and there’s certainly enough on offer to keep you occupied for a good few days.

Drive to the city of Kayseri and regardless of the time of year, you will find something to keep you entertained. With skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer, nearby Mount Aergeus is a real gem. Spend some time in the centre of the city too and view the wondrous architecture made from volcanic stone.

Head over to Lake Tuz and enjoy the views over this salt lake. Stop off at Hasan Dağı, and see this wondrous volcano too whilst you are here. Travel to Aksaray and view the three Caravanserais located here as well.

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