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Italy Travel Guide.

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The place of olive oil, pasta, wine, sunshine, roman ruins and renaissance palaces, Italy offers lots to see and do; you can ski in one of the many ski resorts in Italy, explore one of its historic cities, get a taste for Italian cuisine or sample some freshly made pasta. 

Italy's impressive motorway network allows rapid progress across the country which means that you can get around and visit many points of interest, making car hire a great way to get you around.

Italy Tourist Board: The official website for the Italian Tourist Board – a useful resource for planning your trip to Italy.

Know Before You Go: Travel advice from the FCO for Italy.

Things to see and do

  • View the ancient ruins of Rome.
  • Visit the Trastevere area of Rome, well known for its bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.
  • Wear a costume and mask at the Venice Carnival.
  • Go to the bare back horse race on Piazza del Campo in Siena. The 'Palio' event is held twice a year in July and August.
  • Sample Chianti in Siena, this wine region in the centre of the area of Tuscany should not be missed.
  • Float down the Grand Canal, no visit to Italy is complete without visiting Venice.
  • Visit the Isle of Capri, the views from the top of Capri are breath-taking.
  • Cycle through Tuscany, a beautiful area of Italy.

Festivals and events

  • Medieval Easter Celebrations in Assisi, Umbria are a sight to behold. (March - April)
  • Medieval Parades in Palio, Asti, Piedmont with horse races. (May)
  • Medieval Football Match in Florence, Tuscany. (June)
  • The world famous Plio Horse Race in Palio di Siena in Siena. (July)
  • Joust of the Quintana in Ascoli Piceno, The Marches. (August)
  • St. Gennaro Feast in Napoli, Campania. (September)
  • Wine Festival in Marino, Latium. Wine-pouring fountains and lots of wine from the Roman Castles Area. (October)

Time difference

GMT +1

Tipping etiquette

There is normally a 1-3 Euros service charge automatically added to the bill, therefore most will tip up to the next round figure. It is generally accepted to leave a 5% tip if the service warrants it. A tip of 10% is considered very generous.

Tipping taxi drivers and/or hotel staff is uncommon in Italy but it is appreciated when you do so. A few Euros is acceptable. Most establishments will always give you a receipt and you must take it even if you pay cash. This is to prove that you have paid and that the owner's taxes add up.

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