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Lying on the south eastern coast of Italy facing the Adriatic Sea, Bari is a typical maritime and market city. Comprising four different urban sections, there’s lots for you to experience within atmospheric markets, the old town’s historic walls, and narrow streets.

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The city also boasts two modern harbours, the splendid Basilica of Saint Nicholas, the Cathedral of San Sabino, and the Swabian Castle.

The airport of Bari, which is also known as Palese Airport, is located approximately 8km north west from the city centre and it’s the main airport in the area. Make sure that you hire a car to ensure that you have the flexibility to fit everything into your schedule.

What is There to See in Bari?

The Basilica of Saint Nicholas is a church located in the Old Town, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Only a short walk from the harbour, it is definitely worth a visit. The architecture of the church resembles a castle more than a church as it has two towers on the front face of the building; this makes the church even more interesting. Inside you will find a bishop’s throne (a cathedra) which was made in the 11th Century for Elias. The church is also decorated with mosaics of animals and mythological figures.

Even though the Basilica of Saint Nicholas isn’t actually a castle, Bari does actually have one in the Swabian Castle. The Swabian Castle, known locally as the Castello Svevo, was built in the 11th Century and it provides a spectacular insight to medieval construction.

Just a short walk away from the Swabian Castle is the Cathedral of San Sabino. The surrounding streets will make your visit to the Cathedral even greater. The cathedral's most valuable treasure is the 11th Century Exultet; a lavish scroll of Easter prayers. The cathedral was built in a Romanesque style with a large centre with shallow sides which form the arms of the cross shape. In the crypt you will find an elaborately adorned painting of the Madonna.

Day Trips From Bari

Rent a car from Bari and head north west along the coast to the seaport Trani. Here you will find a cathedral and an old historic fort. The cathedral has a tall tower alongside it dating back to 1230AD. Even though the cathedral interior has been modernised, the crypt remains similar to its origin. A stone’s throw away is the fort, which provides a great photo opportunity as it sits right next to the sea.

A slightly shorter distance to Bari but south east is the town Monopoli. The town has a pentagon shaped castle called the Castle of Charles V. The castle too sits beside the sea and you can walk along the wall that faces it. Along the wall you will also see the cannons used to defend it. Nowadays the castle hosts art exhibitions and sometimes cultural events.

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