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Naples is famous for several things, most notably its pizza and its location close to the dormant Vesuvius which famously erupted in AD79, burying the city of Pompei. There is much more to Naples however and a trip here is sure to be action-packed.

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The sprawling city of Naples is a key Italian destination. Just over 2 hours south of Rome, many travellers like to combine the two cities during a holiday here but you can also fly directly into Naples Airport. A 10 minute drive from the city centre, it won't be long after touchdown before you can enjoy the delights of this thriving and wonderful location.

With plenty waiting for you outside the city limits, a hire car is the best option to help you plan a free and flexible itinerary. 

Things to See and Do in Naples

Naples is certainly vibrant and there is plenty going on for all ages and interests. The city centre, particularly the Old Town tends to split opinion. It's certainly fascinating but the condition of some buildings can come as a shock to visitors.

Start with a visit to Castel Nuovo, located on the shoreline. This massive and impressive medieval castle, dating to the late 1200's, is brimming with history and artefacts as it is home to the city museum. Uncover the many collections whilst learning about the history of this famous location.

Italy is renowned for its delicious pizzas but Naples is the true home of pizza. A classic Margherita with nothing more than fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and a drizzle of olive oil will be the simplest but most delicious pizza you've ever had! For the best experience though, avoid tourist joints and track down a pizzeria that is filled with locals!

Discover Naples in a different light by taking the underground tour which includes Greek and Roman ruins directly under the streets that are in use today. Underneath San Lorenzo Church are the remains of a Roman market. The tour is a really great insight into the history of Naples.

Simply enjoy having a wander around too; there are various markets where you can pick up souvenirs and delicious local produce and simply get a taste of authentic Napoli, art galleries filled with inspiring artworks and many bar lined squares in which to relax.

Day Trips From Naples - Explore Campania

Hire a car and plan a day out visiting Reggia di Caserta; it's a 30 minute drive but is an essential destination. It's often described as one of Europe's most beautiful Royal Palaces and we have to say, we agree! It's included on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list and was actually one of the largest buildings on the continent to be constructed during the 18th Century. On a visit you can look forward to seeing the overtly grand interiors and breathtaking gardens.

The Amalfi Coast is a huge draw of southern Italy and anyone who is in close proximity to this area is encouraged to visit it. That includes you, as a visitor to Naples, as this gorgeous stretch of coastline is only a 1 hour 20 minute drive away in your rental car. Capri and Positano are just some of the most popular towns to visit.

Naturally, Pompei and Vesuvius will be high on your Naples bucket list. This fascinating and somewhat chilling archaeological site is the result of the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius which saw the towns of Pompei and Vesuvius completely buried. An incomparable look into ancient Roman life awaits you; it's sure to be a history lesson like no other! It's only 25km away in your hire car which makes it an easy day trip, allowing you to spend as much time as you can soaking up this rich cultural site.

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