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Picture touring the Italian countryside, driving along winding scenic roads and you‘ve got Italy in a nutshell. Whether you’re here for the lakes, the food or the historic cities, Italy will certainly not disappoint.

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Italy has something for every holidaymaker whether you want to wander through the stunning countryside of Tuscany, relax on a sandy beach, drive through historic cities such as Rome and Florence or just marvel at the beautiful architecture that is common throughout Italy.

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Zest Car Rental provides a fresh approach to hiring a car in Italy. We’ve simplified our booking process so you know exactly what you’re paying for and to make things even better, we don’t charge any amendment or credit card fees.  

On top of this, we work with carefully selected and trusted car hire suppliers in Italy so you get great customer service too! If you need to talk to us, our UK based head office is open 6 days a week and we also operate a 24/7 emergency phone line so we’re never far away.

Roads in parts of Italy can be rough, which is why we provide breakdown assistance as well as offering top-up insurance to ensure you’re completely covered should the worst happen.  

Italian airports

No matter where you’re heading, you can rest assured Zest Car Rental is close by and ready to assist. We serve all the major airports as well as smaller travel hubs offering car rental at over 70 locations through Italy and its islands.

Fly into Venice Airport and you’ll find yourself perfectly placed to discover the romantic side of Italy. Besides the gorgeous canals, you’ll also see the Arena, an ancient Roman amphitheatre, and the house of Juliet, which includes the famous balcony that appeared in the beloved Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet.

Visiting the Eternal City? We serve Rome Fiumicino Airport and Rome Ciampino so you can make time for the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, St Peter's Basilica & Vatican City, the Spanish Steps, and the Roman Forum. What’s that? You want more? How about the Piazza Navona, Palantine Hill, Capitoline Hill, Villa Borghese, Castel Sant’Angelo, and the Altare della Patria?

Don’t forget that Perugia, home to the underground fortress of Rocca Paolina and Grosseto, with its huge number of eye-catching churches and central cathedral, is just a short drive away as well.

Fly into Bergamo Airport for Lakes Como and Iseo or to explore the wonderful city of Bergamo. Split between two levels – an upper level filled with monuments and historic buildings such as the Cappella Colleoni, and a lower level that is more modern and dynamic, Bergamo really is worth a visit.

Think of Milan and chances are the city’s two great football clubs, Inter Milan and AC Milan will spring to mind so why not visit the stunning San Siro Stadium? For you culture vultures, check out the stunning Milan Cathedral and wonderful Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Milan Malpensa Airport is a short drive from the San Siro if you’re here for the football. Alternatively, stay on the A8 into Milan for the other sites such as the two canals that snake their way through the city. We also work with suppliers at Milan Linate Airport if you’re arriving here instead.

If you can't decide which Italian city to visit for a short break, check out our guide to Italy's best cities.

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