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Treviso is located on a plain at the junction of the Sile and Botteniga rivers, which merge into the River Piave. It is one of the prettiest and most convivial cities in the Veneto Region.

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The airport is approximately 8km away from the city centre, so with your hire car you can get to the city centre in no time. This gives you extra time to stroll the ancient streets and piazzas, and walk along the river banks, whilst in the midst of gardens and well-kept villas.

Things to See and Do in Treviso

Visit the Piazza dei Signori which is the heart and soul of Treviso. Here you will find the medieval Palazzo dei Trecento which dominates the square. As you continue along the Piazza, you will see a detached fresco of the Madonna della Carceri on the site of the old prison near the Church of Santa Lucia.

The elegant main street leads you to the square of the Venetian Romanesque Duomo, with its cluster of domes and the adjacent baptistery. The renaissance tombs of departed bishops and abbots amid the magnificent art, frescoes, and marble reliefs offer a glimpse of the wealth of Treviso in the 13th Century.

The city is home to the headquarters of a number of retailers such as Benetton, Diadora, and Lotto Sport Italia. Appliance maker De'Longhi and bicycle maker Pinarello are also based here. Treviso is also known as the original production area of Prosecco and the home of Tiramisu.

Naturally Treviso has its share of churches and museums which offer a plenitude of interesting diversions. The city museum, Museo Bailo, is located in a former Jesuit monastery. Its holdings include an array of artefacts from all periods of the city's history. The city art gallery has works by Lorenzo Lotto, Titian, Jacopo da Bassano, Sebastiano Ricci, Tiepolo and many others. More interesting art can be found in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna, with works from the 19th Century to the present.

Day Trips From Treviso

If you want to spend an afternoon immersed in peace and tranquillity, then you should head out with your hire car to the Oasi Cervara. This natural oasis is very well maintained where you can immerse yourself in nature and see different species of animals. Here you will get a beautiful explanation about owls and their habits, with the ability to see them fly. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon in peace!

Head east out of Treviso and visit the Chiesa dei Templari. The Chiesa dei Templari is an amazing place as it’s hidden by a beautiful and sparsely populated countryside. Filled with frescos, Romanesque architecture and a bell tower, this place certainly gives you the feeling of being in a different time.

Another place to check out is the Villa Barbaro. This World Heritage Site makes a wonderful trip and it’s only a 40 minute drive from Treviso. The villa itself is very interesting, and the view from the grounds is beautiful on a sunny day. Make sure to visit the separate building next to the car park containing an upstairs wine tasting room and cafe. Here you can have a wonderful lunch of local cheeses, sausages and breads, accompanied by wine from their own vineyard.

Being in such close proximity to Venice, it would be a shame to miss a trip here. Sights such as St Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace are absolutely stunning and should not be missed.

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