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Car Hire Bordeaux Airport Reviews.

A fresh, honest approach to car rental

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Very polite & helpful staff.

Duncan Macbeth, 8 months ago

Zest where the only company; after considerable research on my part that provided clear, insightful, honest and transparent information which helped me make a decision on which car hire broker to use. The hire companies use all the tricks in the book (which is a bit of a shame really) to confuse the customer and impose some quite ridiculous extra charges. Zest made it quite clear what to look out for in order to get the best deal and provided a professional service - so that's why I chose them!

Tim McGowan, 9 months ago

No hassle rental service but I tend to avoid the lowest-cost recommendations and go middle-of-the-road with something like the Europcar subsidiary Keddy that provided an immaculate car with just 500 miles on the clock. The French can have a sense of humour and warned that "could be a problem". Fortunately I didn't get the first scratch.

David Millar, 1 year ago

The overall price and quality of car.

Barry Miller, 2 years ago

Where to hire in France

We have a new name,
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