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Amble around Aix en Provence.

Found on the southern coast of France, Aix En Provence is a great base to spend your holiday. It's devoid of the crowds of neighbouring cities, yet located close enough that you can still enjoy the different sights along the coast.

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Make sure you rent a car, which you can pick up from the centrally located train station, and start exploring this magical area.

In Aix en Provence

Situated just a short drive from some of the most glamorous locations in France, Aix En Provence is a quieter, but no less classy, holiday destination. There is an understated elegance to everything here, whether it’s the tree lined boulevards, or the 16th century chateaux. The inhabitants are also cool, calm and collected, and it’s great to immerse yourself in this infectious atmosphere.

Aix is a town filled with interesting sights, so there is plenty to keep you busy during your time here. Be sure to visit the Cathedral Cloisters and explore the Old Town which is packed with fantastic cafés and delicatessens.

Exploring Provence

One of the biggest benefits to staying in Aix en Provence is that it is within easy driving distance of numerous other popular holiday destinations such as the Cote d’Azur. You can relax away from the crowds when you want and then take a day trip somewhere else.

For example, you can visit the ever popular coastal city of Marseille. Take a boat trip to the famous fortress Château d'If and enjoy the views over the city. Make sure you try the fresh seafood here before you leave and take a walk around the marina.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a day trip away from urban areas, head to one of the natural parks in the surrounding area. Make sure you take your hiking boots and a picnic for the ideal way to spend a day on one of the brilliant walking routes here.

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