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Car Hire Perugia Airport Reviews.

A fresh, honest approach to car rental

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Fantastic service from both Zest and Sicily by Car when I needed a car urgently after my own was badly damaged by a deer! All was arranged within minutes on the phone and my voucher arrived within an hour. Very happy - highly recommended

Helen Sutton-Mattocks, 5 months ago

I heard a number of horror stories regarding car rental rip-offs in Italy. There was not a hint of this at Perugia Airport. The woman agent in the car hire park noted another mark we noticed on the car in our papers and ignored minor scratches, etc. On our return, there was a short wait while the car was inspected, but was otherwise seamless. The main reasons I chose to use Zest were that my experience renting a car through this firm earlier in Bulgaria was excellent, it is backed by Which? magazine and prices are competitive.

Richard Gray, 2 years ago

A straightforward, efficient service that gives piece of mind when travelling abroad.

John Sheen, 2 years ago

We always use Economy Car Hire for vehicles as they provide an easy booking process and we are able to get vehicles with no additional cost for an additional driver.

Susan Baker, 2 years ago

Customer service, customer service, customer service! Proper people on the end of a phone line when needed - thank you and keep it up!

Helen Sutton-mattocks, 2 years ago

We always use Economy Car Hire as they provide good cars at reasonable rates. We especially like to have two drivers at no additional cost.

Susan Baker, 3 years ago

In general you make what is often a rather murky process as clear as it possibly can be, and I have always found you to be very helpful if I have telephoned for advice either before or after a booking. I like having the option of a second driver. I appreciated your helpful newsletter about different types of insurance - always a minefield when you arrive at the front of a long queue at the airport and haven't got time to discuss the matter in detail. One small point: in Italy, and probably other countries, fuel stations are often closed on Sundays other than for automatic distribution. The instructions are not always clear, and you can't pay with a credit card, so it is very difficult to gauge how much money to put in to reach full. We filled up at a petrol station very close to Perugia airport on Sunday (and helped several other rather confused English-speaking customers to do the same), but by the time we reached the airport, the fuel gauge had dropped down a notch. Sicily by Car were very fair and only charged us for the fuel, not the refuelling, but if this hadn't been the case it would have cost us a lot of money. I think the car hire agents should be encouraged to give clients some written information about this when they pick up the car, as it is very frustrating when you are returning to the airport, perhaps under time pressure and without the required combination of banknotes.

Helen Sutton-mattocks, 3 years ago

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