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Nestled in the furthest corner of England, Carlisle is located halfway between Scotland and the Lake District. Home to a number of historic events that date back nearly 2000 years, this old city is steeped in a vibrant history that makes up most of its charm today.

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Renting a car here opens up a whole host of opportunities to explore both the north of England and southern Scotland.

What Can You See in Carlisle?

Hadrian’s Wall is probably the city’s most popular attraction. One of the oldest structures in the UK and the site of many skirmishes and sieges, visitors journey from all over to Carlisle to follow the national trail along the wall.

Carlisle Castle is often at the top of most visitors’ to-do lists and with its rich and varied history it comes as no surprise. The imposing medieval fortress is home to a wide variety of attractions including spooky dungeons, medieval carvings and interactive exhibitions, making it a fun and interesting day out for all ages.

The city’s majestic Cathedral is another of Carlisle’s more notable features. Built from the same crimson sandstone as the castle, the cathedral is undoubtedly just as iconic. Inside visitors will find stunning examples of medieval architecture such as the painted choir ceiling and the 50ft high stained glass windows. Stop for afternoon tea in the priory kitchen where you can enjoy delicious homemade scones and cakes.

Admire the Local Scenery

With the Lake District just an hour’s drive away and your hire car to hand there is no excuse not to explore more of the stunning Cumbrian landscape. Renowned for its romantic vistas of rugged mountains and glittering lakes, the Lake District is an ideal place for hiking, mountain biking and kayaking. Pack a picnic and a thermos flask of tea and head into the hills where the English countryside is at its best.

Alternatively, drive north across the Scottish border to the villages of Gretna Green and Dumfries.

Gretna Green was once the refuge of runaway couples looking to ‘marry over the anvil’, and has since gained the reputation of the UK’s marriage capital. Visit the original Blacksmiths shop where eloping couples have been tying the knot since 1754.

Dumfries is famous for its beautiful scenery which has been inspiring artists and writers for hundreds of years. Abundant in lush forest, sparkling streams and lakes and tall summits, Dumfries is a hotbed of exciting activities and rare wildlife that is bound to enchant any visitor. The town of Dumfries itself is also equally charming with its string of independent shops, plenty of galleries and museums and a range of cafes and restaurants serving dishes and delicacies made with the wonderful local produce. A day spent in Dumfries will certainly be a day well spent!

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